2016ATP year-end finals Djokovic vs. Tim match live video recording_1

2016 ATP year-end finals Djokovic vs. Tim match live video recording
Beijing time, November 14th news, 2016 ATP year-end finals opener started, Djokovic 6-7 (10) / 6-0 / 6-2 reversed Tim for the first time in the finals, made a good start,After the game, Xiao De evaluated his performance and commented on Tim’s performance in his first show.Druid points out the reversal key self-assessment, plays well, praises Tim well, Druid said after the game that he lost the first set but still feels good, I feel good, although I lost the first set, but I did not commitToo many mistakes, just because his performance in the first set was very good, the process of the tie-break was very exciting. He was 6-3 once, and then made two double errors. I probably got only one inventory, and he played a lot of goodThe ball finally won the long first set.  After that, I admitted that I had to break in the second set to play a good position. I also managed to do it. After that, I felt more handy and played more freely on the court. He began to make mistakes, which led me to give himThe second shot also put a lot of pressure, I think I played particularly well in the second set.Xiaode articles.  The Serbian people then added that the opening of the second set was the key to their reversal: after the first set of the second set, although I achieved a break, although it was only one lead, but considering that we did not achieve a break in the first set, soThis still doubled my confidence and made me more relaxed on the court.  In the opening game, Druid accidentally scratched his thumb when receiving a serve. He also applied for a medical doctor during the break. After the game, he said that there was no big obstacle: nothing, I was rubbing my thumb with the ground when I was saving.After a bit of bleeding, I let the medical practitioner enter the field just to stop the bleeding.Video-Djokovic broke out in the finals and reversed Tim to win the starter. This is Tim’s first game in the finals. Druid commented: I think Dominic’s finals debut is very impressive.He was not overwhelmed by such a big stage, he was full of offensive firepower, played very well, with strong self-confidence.I still remember my first trip to the finals. It was in Shanghai in 2007. At that time, the idea was that there was really nothing to lose, because you have done your best to get qualified.It is to enjoy this moment and try our best to win.