NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors point guard PK: Tang Shencun variable Shambote or misalignment _1

NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors PK
On May 30th, Beijing time, the 2015 NBA Finals was about to hit.Among them, the duel of the second place, due to an accident in the Warriors’ second round of promotion, added uncertainty.Whether the concussive Klay Thompson can play in the first game, and if he plays the skill geometry, is unknown.Can Tang Shen play 100%?Thompson Age: 25 Yearly salary this season: 3.08 million Average data for the playoffs this year: 19.7 points 3.7 rebounds 2.9 assists, shooting 45.9% of the Splash Brothers eventually got connected to the concussion in the Western Conference. After Stephen Curry escaped, Thompson unfortunately made a move.Trevor Ariza’s iron knee cast a shadow over the Warriors’ finals prospects.According to the latest news, Thompson received an expert review and was diagnosed with a concussion. Coach Steve Kerr believed he could play in the first game.  However, just before this tragedy happened, Thompson’s performance also contrasted with Curry.The Rockets insisted on using Ariza for defense in the Western Conference finals. As a result, they dropped in 5 games. Thompson had 4 field goal percentages below 43%. The United States also said that the Warriors’ 5 games seemed to be easy, but Thompson’s performance was worrying.Even Mitchell Thompson also stood up to defend his son, saying that it would not affect his son’s mentality, and took Kobe Bryant as an example to encourage his son to continue to vote.  As the best three team member of the year this season, Thompson’s performance and tactical role in the regular season is no less than Curry.Even in the closely watched Western Conference finals, Thompson has played in a few of them in a single quarter.  However, long before the start of this round of series, the developing countries pointed out that the horizontal composition of the Warriors and the Rockets are similar. Both teams are quite confident in the defensive rotation of their front line.In the finals, the Cavaliers’ confidence in their flanking defense only increased.In this case, whether Thompson can recover in time, and how to crack down the defense after recovery, has become a sword hanging above the Warriors.David Blatter is expected to continue the layout of the first two rounds, starting with Iman-Chambert in the second position, he will be the main force to suppress Thompson.In addition, it is not ruled out that the Cavaliers will downgrade LeBron James to defend Thompson in dislocation.  What’s more, Thompson also became the heart defense.During the regular season, some experts used Thompson to participate in today’s NBA’s best offensive and defensive player, and his decline in the Western Conference finals was also related to his need to play James Harden.After the first two games, Steve Kerr made adjustments and replaced Harrison Barnes with Harden. Thompson was only in front of the game somewhere in Harden.Despite Thompson’s self-argument that Harden’s defense is good, Cole’s change has shown the problem.In the finals, if Thompson can play, he must at least take care of the Cavaliers’ wing shooter, and even be pushed up to James (when playing a small position) or down to Owen.  If Thompson is absent or not supported, Cole has two alternations, Andre Iguodala or Leandro Barbosa.And both have different Thompson scores in functionality, and the Warriors’ bench strength will also improve.Champer age: 24 years old Annual salary this season: 2.62 million Average data for the playoffs this year: 10.1 point 5.4 rebounds 1.He shot 39 assists in 4 assists.7% turning waste into treasure is not a patent for the Rockets this season, Chambord and J.R.-Smith’s successful transformation also shows that the Cavaliers are leaders in this respect.Without the duo and Timofey Mozgov joining in the middle, the Cavaliers could not go to today, which has become a consensus.Each time the Cavaliers take another step, the two will be more fortunate.  In the regular season, Shane Porter and Smith started the rotation in the second position.In the first round against the Green Shirts, Smith played four games, but from the second round to the present, Champert has firmly secured this position.Considering Thompson’s existence (whether he can play or not), Blatter is expected to continue the current arrangement.  The Champagne defense is excellent, the single defense is better, it has both stealing and short circuit capabilities, and it has a fast start.Even better for him, Thompson encountered Ali’s strict defense in the Rockets round, and suffered a concussion. The psychological confrontation was incalculable.  However, it is worth noting that the Cavaliers’ defense is not dominated by pinch shooters (although the Cavaliers limit the opponent’s three-point ability to the forefront of the league), they value pinch off the source and limit the opponent’s sudden points in the backcourt.In addition, the Cavaliers also hope to do so, directly from the backcourt to attack and defense conversion.From this perspective, if Blatter lowers both James and Chamber at the same time, it should not be an accident if the former matches Thompson and pinches Curry at the same time.Moreover, the Warriors are the team with the most turnovers (average 15 in the playoffs).Three turnovers are only stronger than the Rockets, and 14 turnovers per 100 rounds are the bottom), the Cavaliers can not be regarded as impossible.  On the top of the defensive end, Shampert’s offensive end, especially the three-pointer, this performance is distorted, basically two days of fishing and three days of exposure.Fortunately, rather than being affected by the Cavaliers, the playoffs still pay 35.9% outside shooting rate, but one thing can not be ignored, referring to the Warriors, the depth of the Cavaliers rotation once 8 people is not deep enough, developing countries describe the Cavaliers as an all-round forward with a bunch of shooters to today.Kyrie Irving broke the threat and discounted after continuous injuries, and also joined the ranks of outside shooters, but the Cavaliers shooter group generally suffers from a lack of stability, and Shampert may be missed by Smith somewhere in the game due to misalignment.Replaced by.  Smith and Chamber are one.As the Cavalier’s strongest backup rifle, Cavaliers fans are waiting for a Smith who is a good fan.For the change of circumstances, Smith feels deeper than Chambord, saying one person’s trash, another person’s baby said endlessly sad.Smith’s transformation also lies in the offensive choice. After the transfer, he reduced the slightly reluctant breakthrough and became the Cavaliers’ most reliable shooter.  In a specific budget of the game, Smith will be the Cavaliers’ second choice, or join the Champions League when playing a small goal, but the Cavaliers will worry about his squat steals and slightly exaggerated defensive moves, which may bringTo potentially harm.But absolutely, the two mutations in the second position can be turbid and terrible. Nowadays, the Cavaliers have room for replacement.Conclusion The two superstars in the first position do their best. The main duel in the second position shows a situation of blocking and anti-blocking, and the variables are relatively large.Needless to say, Thompson’s injury, the Cavaliers’ defensive positioning arrangement may also lead to different situations.Although the NBA game is not a comparison of the five positions alone, it becomes a one-on-one match, but for this year’s finals, if the main match of the second position appears to be evenly matched, or the situation of the opposite,Feasible is good for the Cavaliers.(Demon)