Frozen 2 Global Box Office First Weekend 3.US $ 500 million sets new animation record

“Frozen 2” Global Box Office First Weekend 3.US $ 500 million sets new animation record
On November 25th, Disney’s animated film “Frozen 2″ was officially opened last Friday. The film was opened in some theaters at 6:00 on Thursday night.The first weekend is 1.The overwhelming advantage of 2.7 billion US dollars took the lead in the latest North American box office rankings.”Frozen 2” media reputation is not as good as before, but it is still 75% certified fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes website, Douban score 7.3. The performance of each market is eye-catching, and the film has no suspense in the first week of the world box office to create a new record of animation.In North America, compared with the recent Thanksgiving animation, Frozen 2 has more than doubled the advance score of last year’s Invincible Destruction King 2 ($ 3.8 million), and is much higher than the “Quest for Dreams””And” Marine “and other works, the data shows that” Frozen 2 “women accounted for nearly 60% of the audience in the United States, the family accounted for Friday ticket purchasers 70%.In addition, Frozen 2 slashed 2 in 37 overseas markets during the first weekend.2.3 billion US dollars, the box office in the world as high as 3 in the first week.500 million US dollars, to increase the highest global start of the animation created by “Toy Story 4″ in the summer season by more than 100 million US dollars.”Frozen 2” has surpassed the previous box office 2 in the first week of painting in Mainland China.9.8 billion yuan, topped the list, and won 3 before the deadline.The 800 million yuan box office has also set a record-breaking start in markets such as Japan and South Korea.In addition, in the UK, France and Germany, the three major market premieres are also far superior to the previous game, which can be regarded as a global explosion at the box office.In November 2013, Disney launched the optional “Frozen” adapted from Andersen’s fairy tale.This fund costs 1.With a budget of US $ 500 million, the global box office broke the record by about 12.700 million US dollars, sweeping the 86th Academy Awards for best animated feature film and best original song, the 71st American Golden Globe Awards for the best animated feature film and many other important alternatives.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui