Pinduoduo invested 1.5 billion to participate in the May 5th Shopping Festival to push up 50% off car purchase

Pinduoduo invested 1.5 billion to participate in the “May 5th Shopping Festival” to push up 50% off car purchase
On April 23, Pinduoduo announced that it would spend at least 1.5 billion in cash and supplements, and joined 10,000 Shanghai brands and companies to participate in the Shanghai May 5th Shopping Festival.Pinduoduo said that on the basis of large-scale joint supplements, Pinduoduo’s “10 billion subsidy” team will also be fully covered offline.Wang Jian, senior vice president of Pinduoduo, said that this event is expected to drive tens of millions of users to enter offline physical stores in Shanghai, directly driving consumption is expected to exceed 5 billion.On April 23, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People ‘s Government issued “Several Measures to Boost Consumer Confidence and Unleash Consumer Demand”, proposing to organize a series of activities such as the “May 5th Shopping Festival, discount seasons across the city” to promote consumer supplements and potential release.The “Several Measures” mentioned that consumers are encouraged to use new energy vehicles. For consumers who purchase pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the city before the end of 2020, they will beA certain subsidy will be given to the charging cost.In addition, Shanghai will appropriately increase the number of non-operating bus license allocations in central cities, and encourage auto sales companies in Shanghai to actively make profits.Pinduoduo stated that it will launch a “50% off” durable goods through large direct drop, to supplement the residents in Shanghai area. The first batch of durable goods included 55 new SAIC Cadillac XT5, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen TourangThe minimum direct subsidy for each vehicle exceeds 100,000 yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Li Weijia proofread Wang Xin