Ding Junhui shelled the World Taiwan Federation after the game-it has been reported that there are still problems

Ding Junhui bombarded the World Taiwan Federation after the game: it has been reported that there are still problems
China News Service, Beijing, March 28 (Reporter Wang Xi) The 2017 Snooker China Open started its first round of competition in Beijing on the 28th.The two-time champion Ding Junhui swept the English player Paul Davidson 5-0, and advanced easily to the second round. His opponent in the next round will be another Chinese player, teenager Zhou Yuelong.  After defeating Sean O’Sullivan at 5:3 on the 27th, Ding Junhui was able to score in the main game.Facing Paul Davidson in this campaign, Ding Junhui won quite easily. He won the game with a single shot of 51 points.Subsequently, Paul Davidson failed to seize the opportunity when there was a scoring opportunity, and Ding Junhui led by 3:0 in the next two innings.  In the fourth game, Ding Junhui scored 138 points in a single shot, which was also the second highest single shot score of this tournament.In the fifth inning, Ding Junhui did not give his opponent any chance to make a comeback, so he eliminated Paul Davidson 5:0 and advanced to the top 32.  After the game, Ding Junhui talked to reporters more about the storm on the 27th: Before the game with Sean O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui was once denied entry, which was related to the conflict between his personal sponsor and the title sponsor of the competition.As a result, Ding Junhui lost a game 0:1 when he didn’t show up. Fortunately, Ding Junhui staged a reversal and was promoted 5:3.  In this regard, Ding Junhui told reporters that he received a notice from the World Taiwan Union, saying that his personal sponsor Evergrande Financial Services and the sponsor of the Bank of China’s breast logo are in conflict, and that he must remove the breast logo of Evergrande Financial Services.Ding Junhui responded that he could understand and cooperate with him, because there were cases before and they were all resolved peacefully.  However, Ding Junhui emphasized that he had filed with the World Taiwan Federation for updating the main sponsor of the new season in accordance with the regulations, so he was extremely angry at the World Taiwan Federation’s approach.  In other games, World Championship champion Selby swept Alfie Burton 5:0, advanced to the top 32, and the four-time World Championship champion. The wizard Higgins eliminated Ian Burns 5:1.The three Chinese players Liang Wenbo, Fan Zhengyi and Xiao Guodong were all eliminated.