Frozen 2 Global Box Office First Weekend 3.US $ 500 million sets new animation record

“Frozen 2” Global Box Office First Weekend 3.US $ 500 million sets new animation record
On November 25th, Disney’s animated film “Frozen 2″ was officially opened last Friday. The film was opened in some theaters at 6:00 on Thursday night.The first weekend is 1.The overwhelming advantage of 2.7 billion US dollars took the lead in the latest North American box office rankings.”Frozen 2” media reputation is not as good as before, but it is still 75% certified fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes website, Douban score 7.3. The performance of each market is eye-catching, and the film has no suspense in the first week of the world box office to create a new record of animation.In North America, compared with the recent Thanksgiving animation, Frozen 2 has more than doubled the advance score of last year’s Invincible Destruction King 2 ($ 3.8 million), and is much higher than the “Quest for Dreams””And” Marine “and other works, the data shows that” Frozen 2 “women accounted for nearly 60% of the audience in the United States, the family accounted for Friday ticket purchasers 70%.In addition, Frozen 2 slashed 2 in 37 overseas markets during the first weekend.2.3 billion US dollars, the box office in the world as high as 3 in the first week.500 million US dollars, to increase the highest global start of the animation created by “Toy Story 4″ in the summer season by more than 100 million US dollars.”Frozen 2” has surpassed the previous box office 2 in the first week of painting in Mainland China.9.8 billion yuan, topped the list, and won 3 before the deadline.The 800 million yuan box office has also set a record-breaking start in markets such as Japan and South Korea.In addition, in the UK, France and Germany, the three major market premieres are also far superior to the previous game, which can be regarded as a global explosion at the box office.In November 2013, Disney launched the optional “Frozen” adapted from Andersen’s fairy tale.This fund costs 1.With a budget of US $ 500 million, the global box office broke the record by about 12.700 million US dollars, sweeping the 86th Academy Awards for best animated feature film and best original song, the 71st American Golden Globe Awards for the best animated feature film and many other important alternatives.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Li Shihui

It plans to invest 200 million yuan to invest in the construction of a melt-blown non-woven production line project, Guoen shares closed daily limit

It plans to invest 200 million yuan to invest in the construction of a melt-blown non-woven production line project, Guoen shares closed daily limit
Although the domestic epidemic situation has improved, the market’s demand for epidemic prevention materials has not declined.Demand and supply are originally one, and there is no shortage of businessmen in the market.On May 7, Guoen announced that it plans to build a wholly-owned subsidiary and invest in the construction of a melt-blown non-woven production line project.Guoen said that in the face of the decline in the global medical protection materials for new coronavirus pneumonia and the uneven quality of products, in order to actively respond to the call of the country to create an emergency health industry, it will support the anti-epidemic work of new coronavirus with practical actions and practice the listed company society.Responsibility, make full use of its own material technology advantages, integrate multiple resources, open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains of high-end cover and other protective products that meet national and international standards (N95, N99), and realize the automatic controllability of the quality of key material products. Guoen plans to buildA wholly-owned subsidiary, Qingdao Guoen Meltblown Industry Co., Ltd. (tentative name, subject to the approval of industrial and commercial registration), and plans to invest 20 million yuan in its own funds to build 20 meltblown nonwoven fabric production line projects, dedicated toIn order to build a high-end melt-blown non-woven industrial chain.It is reported that the first phase of the project plans to build eight melt-blown non-woven production lines with a total investment of no more than 80 million yuan. The second phase project will be planned according to the construction progress of the first phase project and market demand.At present, all eight production lines have signed contract procurement contracts, and the first phase of the site has met the conditions for commissioning; the project’s designed production capacity is 15,000 tons / year, of which the first phase of the project’s designed production capacity is 6,000 tons / year.It depends on the situation; the construction period of the project is 6 months, and the construction period of the first phase of the project is 2 months.The main purpose of the melt-blown non-woven fabric produced by the project is medium-efficiency and sub-efficient filtration, mainly used in the field of medical hygiene and air purification, focusing on the filter core material of high port cover.According to public information, Guoen shares are mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales, distribution and technical services of various lightweight materials. The products are mainly oriented to home appliances and consumer electronics, automobiles, large health medical protection, smart home, special vehicles, new energyAutomotive, charging pile and other application fields.In the early stage of the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Guoen’s R & D and production team completed the mass production of meltblown polypropylene special materials for masks in the shortest time, quickly promoted and formed a good reputation among customers.”At present, the company’s products have won unanimous praise from customers, realized the quality of masks from the raw material side, and solved the needs of health and epidemic prevention materials such as masks and protective clothing.In the future, this product segment will become the company’s new important growth pole.”Guo En shares said.Although it is currently a good time to cut into the mask industry, there are still certain risks in the market. To a certain extent, once the epidemic is over, it may face contradictions in the market demand for melt-blown non-woven fabrics.risk.In this regard, Guoen believes that the demand for masks will have the opportunity to continue and the application of melt-blown non-woven fabrics will be greatly enhanced by factors such as the greatly enhanced people ‘s protection awareness, the promotion and guidance of national policies, and the improvement of grass-roots hygiene levels.Not only masks, but through the continuous exploration of the market for melt-blown non-woven fabrics, in the post-epidemic era, melt-blown non-woven fabrics still have market space for transmission, so the risks are basically controllable.The capital market believes that this move is optimistic about Guoen shares. The daily limit closed on May 7 and Guoen shares currently bear 40.93 yuan / share, a single-day increase of 10%.According to Choice financial terminal data, the total market value of Guoen shares has closed from 63 on the last trading day of 2019.17 trillion, improved to 111 closed on May 7 this year.02 trillion, gradually increasing about 47.8.5 billion yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yan Xia Li Weijia proofreading Li Xiangling

Pinduoduo invested 1.5 billion to participate in the May 5th Shopping Festival to push up 50% off car purchase

Pinduoduo invested 1.5 billion to participate in the “May 5th Shopping Festival” to push up 50% off car purchase
On April 23, Pinduoduo announced that it would spend at least 1.5 billion in cash and supplements, and joined 10,000 Shanghai brands and companies to participate in the Shanghai May 5th Shopping Festival.Pinduoduo said that on the basis of large-scale joint supplements, Pinduoduo’s “10 billion subsidy” team will also be fully covered offline.Wang Jian, senior vice president of Pinduoduo, said that this event is expected to drive tens of millions of users to enter offline physical stores in Shanghai, directly driving consumption is expected to exceed 5 billion.On April 23, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal People ‘s Government issued “Several Measures to Boost Consumer Confidence and Unleash Consumer Demand”, proposing to organize a series of activities such as the “May 5th Shopping Festival, discount seasons across the city” to promote consumer supplements and potential release.The “Several Measures” mentioned that consumers are encouraged to use new energy vehicles. For consumers who purchase pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the city before the end of 2020, they will beA certain subsidy will be given to the charging cost.In addition, Shanghai will appropriately increase the number of non-operating bus license allocations in central cities, and encourage auto sales companies in Shanghai to actively make profits.Pinduoduo stated that it will launch a “50% off” durable goods through large direct drop, to supplement the residents in Shanghai area. The first batch of durable goods included 55 new SAIC Cadillac XT5, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen TourangThe minimum direct subsidy for each vehicle exceeds 100,000 yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu editor Li Weijia proofread Wang Xin

Shuangta Foods’ net profit grew by more than 50% in the first quarter, accelerating the deployment of artificial meat projects

Shuangta Foods’ net profit grew by more than 50% in the first quarter, accelerating the deployment of “artificial meat” projects
On the evening of April 1, Yantai Shuangta Food Co., Ltd. (“Shuangta Food” for short) issued a performance forecast that the company’s net profit for the first quarter of this year was 5,575.470,000-7062.260,000 yuan, an annual increase of 50% -90%.Sauna, Yewang noted that Shuangta Foods has listed plant protein meat as the company’s development strategy plan and plans to raise 21.5 trillion layout plant protein project.Net profit growth in the first quarter was at least 50%. According to public information, the main business of Shuangta Foods is production and sales of Longkou vermicelli, pea protein, and edible fungi.As a representative enterprise of the “artificial meat” concept stock, Shuangta Foods has listed vegetable protein meat as one of the company’s development strategic plans, and vegetarian meat patties, vegetarian meat steaks and other products have begun to develop.According to the performance forecast, the performance of Shuangta Foods surged in the first quarter of this year.Shuangta Foods said that after the epidemic occurred, the company actively responded, and on the basis of the prevention and control of the epidemic, solidly promoted the resumption of production and production. The company’s main business products sold well and the production and operation in the first quarter were good.The notice shows that in the first quarter of this year, the company’s net profit was 5,575.470,000-7062.260,000 yuan, a profit of 3716 in the same period last year.980,000 yuan, an annual increase of 50% -90%.In 2019, the performance of Shuangta Foods improved significantly.On February 28, Shuangta Foods released its 2019 performance report, saying that the company reported revenue of 21 for the number of reports.2.2 billion, down by 10 every year.82%; net profit is 1.9.9 billion, an annual increase of 117.38%.The 215 trillion plant protein project has agencies predicting that within 10 years, the global artificial meat market will reach 140 billion US dollars, accounting for 10% of the meat market share; by 2040, artificial plant meat will account for 25% of the meat market share.Wang Shouwei, director of the China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center and director of the Beijing Food Science Research Institute, accepted the sauna. Yewang said in an interview that the main processing technology of vegetable protein meat has become mature at home and abroad. The merged company has developed plants in China.The vegetable protein meat products with egg white as raw material have a very rapid market growth.”Artificial meat has great commercial potential, and more investment in science and technology is an important direction for the industry to develop in the future.”” Or affected by this, Shuangta Foods listed plant protein meat as one of the company’s development strategic plans this year.In terms of plant protein layout planning, in February this year, Zhaoyuan Junbang Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuangta Foods, signed a pea protein sales contract with the US-famous “artificial meat” listed company, and the first batch of pea protein procurementAbout 285 tons.In March of this year, Shuangta Food disclosed the plan for non-public offering of stocks, and planned to raise no more than 21.US $ 500 million for “artificial meat” projects such as albumin extraction, low pea function extraction and finishing.Sauna and Yewang noticed that domestic companies such as Shuanghui, Baicao, Weekly, Zhenzhen and other companies have successively launched artificial meat-related products; U.S. Beyond Meat and other companies are also actively exploring the Chinese market.In terms of supervision, both the national standard and the group logo of artificial plant meat have been officially established, and the group logo formulated by the China Plant-based Food Industry Alliance is expected to be launched in the first half of this year.Sauna, night net Ouyang Xiaojuan editor Zhu Fenglan school dealt with Chun Zeng

HNA Holdings’ passenger load capacity for March was 83.20%

HNA Holdings’ passenger load capacity for March was 83.20%
On the evening of April 20, HNA Holdings (600221) released the main operating data for March 2020.Data show that in March this year, HNA Holdings and its subsidiaries carried a total of 118 passengers.190,000 person-times, sometimes at least 83.20%, an increase of 146 from the previous month.07%.In the first quarter of 2020, HNA Holdings and its subsidiaries carried 627 passengers.450,000 person-times, sometimes at least 70.83%.Specifically, in March 2020, HNA Holdings and its affiliated passenger seats59.71%, an average of 23 years.12%, an increase of 15.60%.Guest seat 68 in the first quarter of 2020.06%, over ten years 16.54%.In terms of freight, in March this year, HNA Holdings and its subsidiaries had a freight and mail volume of 15.32 thousand tons, previously temporarily 68.64%, an increase of 77.33%; By 2020, the gradual freight and mail traffic will be 66.51 thousand tons, 50 in the past decade.01%.The cost of shipping and shipping in March is 32.84%, with a ten-year average of 17.26%, an increase of 3.61%; gradual restructuring of cargo and mail in 202029.87%, an average of 11 years.76%.In March 2020, the Group did not introduce new aircraft and withdrew one B737-800 and one B787-900 aircraft.As of the end of March 2020, the Group operated a total of 354 aircraft.HNA Holdings said that since January 2020, affected by the global spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, governments in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic have led to reduced travel plans and successively introduced a variety of travel restrictions, resulting in a sharp decline in global aviation industry demand.In accordance with relevant policies and market demands, the Group adjusted the capacity allocation in a timely manner, suspended or adjusted the operation of some flights, and strengthened the epidemic protection of passengers and employees.At the same time, during the epidemic period, through vigorously developing charter business, passenger to cargo business and other methods to increase revenue.However, HNA Holdings said that although the company has actively taken various measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic, but in response to the strong impact of the epidemic on the civil aviation transportation industry, the company expects that the operating performance of the first quarter of 2020 will be significantly affected, and due to the duration of the epidemic andThere are potential uncertainties in the severity, and the specific adverse effect on the company in the first half of 2020 will depend on the subsequent situation.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Yue Caizhou proofreading Liu Baoqing

Beijing News Annual Performance List Votes 丨 2019 Best Performance

Beijing News Annual Performance List Votes 丨 2019 Best Performance
In addition to voting for dramas, the Weekly List of Sauna Night’s Most Artistic Performance List will also recommend concerts, operas, dances, musicals and other major art categories that have been performed in Beijing to select the best performance of the year.On the basis of previous rankings, we invited a professional evaluation team to vote. The following is the best performance of 2019 to attend, waiting for your vote.Note: The deadline for voting in this issue is 12:00 on January 8th, and each category is sorted by performance time.Concerts: Muti and Chicago Symphony Orchestra Concert Time: January 25-26, 2019 Venue: National Theatre Concert Hall Host: Ricardo Muti Performance Team: Chicago Symphony Orchestra Photography: Todd RoweSunberg Riccardo Muti visited the National Theatre for the first time in 2016 with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.The performance was his work on the stage of the National Grand Theater Concert Hall after three years.As the representative of the world’s highest level master conductor, Muti has held the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and other world-renowned orchestras, and has served as the artistic director of the La Scala Opera House in Milan for 19 years.In two concerts, Ricardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra brought Brahms’ “First Symphony” and “Second Symphony” and Tchaikovsky’s later works to the Chinese audience.The classics such as “Symphony No. 5” and Symphony Suite “Fantasy Night” by Rimsky-Korsakov.Xia Yi and Lucerne Festival Orchestra Concert Time: October 12-13, 2019 Venue: National Theatre Conductor: Ricardo Xia Performance Team: Lucerne Festival Orchestra Photography: Wang Xiaojing Time LapseFor two years, the Lucerne Festival Orchestra was personally “headed” by the conductor master Ricardo Shay and returned to the National Theatre.In the first performance, Shay and young pianist Alexander Malofyev performed two classic works of Rakhmaninov.It is worth mentioning that 2019 is the tenth anniversary of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra’s first show in Beijing, and Mahler’s work has also become an important node connecting these two historical moments.In the second performance, Shay and the Orchestra presented Mahler’s “Sixth Symphony”, which echoed the Mahler’s “Symphony No. 1” performed by Abaduo’s group in Beijing 10 years ago.Concert of Vladimir Ashkenazi and Mahler Chamber Orchestra: October 20, 23, 25, 2019 Venue: Beijing Poly Theater Conductor: Vladimir AshkenaziTeam: Four years after the photo provided by the organizer of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, the Mahle Chamber Orchestra is back at the Beijing International Music Festival.Of the three performances, the first was performed by Ashkenazy Orchestra and performed with the low baritone singer Shen Yang to perform “The Echoes of the Twentieth Century”.In the second performance, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra continued to play the “Flowers” in Mahler’s “First Symphony” under the direction of Ashkenazy; the violinist James Heinez and the orchestra performed ProkofiyeThe title of “The First Violin Concerto”, which was written by Fu at the age of 26.In the last concert, the new conductor Vicente Alberola stepped onto the podium and used Chen Qigang’s “Go West Exit”, Zhou Tian’s “Rhyme” and “Collins Reading Chinese Poetry Collection”, and Du Yun’s “Talantara”The works of four contemporary composers in People “Cockroaches” announce to the world: Mahler Chamber Orchestra is a future-oriented orchestra.Musical “Rock Mozart” Time: February 22-March 10, 2019 Venue: Tianqiao Art Center Composer: Dove Attia Starring: Michelangelo Le Conte, Nuno Resende, Laurent· Ban, Fannie Dreeg and other sponsors for the photo “Rock Mozart” is a musical that “points his life with Mozart’s heart”, a breakthrough drama arrangement and visual presentation, this drama was in September 2009The premiere at the Paris Coliseum caused a sensation.”Rock and Roll Mozart” is a musical with the main role of classical music master Mozart, but it boldly uses rock music with classic Rococo style dance, modern expressions and the gorgeous stage of the European court, the unrestrained talent of a generation of music masters under a new interpretationAmbilight, but return to the original, the focus is still on freedom and dreams, one side is “Mozart”, the other is “rock”, perfectly balancing the traditional aesthetic and modern and modern taste, satisfying the passion of young audiences.”Rock School” Time: March 22-April 14, 2019 Venue: Tianqiao Art Center Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber Screenplay: Julian Ferres Director: Lawrence Conner Photograph by the organizer”Rock School” was adapted from the film of the same name directed by Richard Linklater in 2003, and the musical basically continues the story of the film.In the process of adapting “Rock School”, Andrew Lloyd Webber hired Julian Ferres, the founder of “Downton Manor”, to write the script, and invited Broadway to reposition the musical “Tragic World” in 2014The director, Lawrence Conner, directed the play.The team of the Chinese tour used the original Australian bancas, and the details of the entire drama were completely consistent.The most eye-catching are the 12 energetic little actors, these little actors are only 9 to 13 years old, and some are not as high as their own guitars, but they have ignited countless laughs and tears.Original children’s play “Wandering Elvis in the Stadium” Time: July 20-21, 2019 Venue: Beijing Theater Screenplay: Wang Xiaoning Director: Zhang Hui Starring: Liu Bingchen, Yi Jiajia, Peng Zitru, Huang Chengcheng, Chen Yadi and other sponsorsPhoto courtesy of Fang “The Wandering Elvis of the Stadium” is a children’s stage drama originally created by the crew, which combines warmth, adventure and fantasy. This children’s drama is different from the traditional way of expressing young children from the director to the first.All the actors are “horns” who are well-received and well-known on the stage of the drama today.As a folk production, “The Stray Elvis of the Stadium” consciously practises an aesthetic suitable for children who grew up in the Internet era in terms of stage colors, character costumes, actor performance rhythm, and multimedia and performance coordination.Feel.In the simple stage and actor’s modeling ability, it reveals a very dynamic urban life feeling, which can be regarded as a rare masterpiece in domestic children’s script works in recent years.”Notre Dame de Paris” 20th Anniversary Edition Time: August 16th-September 1st, 2019 Venue: Flyover Art Center Original: Roald Dahl Lyricist: Luc Pramonton Composer: RichardPhoto courtesy of the organizer of Corsiante The 20th anniversary edition of Notre Dame de Paris, with profound and powerful modern music, and a highly visual stage setting, effectively expresses the evil acts of the original people against the church people and the aristocracy.The breakdown of the spirit of morality is a tribute to the spirit of benevolence.The whole drama is transitioned with 53 golden songs. “One sings to the end, there is no dialogue.” All the plots replace the “rock opera” like singing or chanting. It is called “the musical with the most songs in the drama” in history.”Matilda” Time: November 21st-November 24th, 2019 Venue: Beijing Poly Theater Original: Victor Hugo Lyricist: Tim Minchin Composer: Tim Minchin Organizer for the picture “Matilda》》 Is a very high-quality original musical production in the West End of London. The stage design of this work is one of its highlights. As a family fun show featuring young children, the stage design fully takes into account children ‘s perspective and aesthetics.At the same time, the organization and choreography that amazes both adults and children are also added.The children ‘s actors in “Matilda” alternately show amazing maturity and super high stage skills. The background of the alphabet blocks vividly shows that Matilda used language and text to resist the background of the adult story. Through the story ‘sAdvancement, the stage setting also added a number of highlights such as flying swings and rotating lattice stairs.The five-generation version of the “Peony Pavilion” by the Zhejiang Kun Opera Troupe of the Opera category Time: July 14-15, 2019 Venue: Changan Grand Theater Original: Tang Xianzu Performance: Shen Shihua (World Generation), Wang Fengmei (Sheng Generation), Zhihong(Show character generation), Hu Ping (many characters generation), Wu Xinyi (generation character generation) Photography: sauna, night net Guo Yanbing Zhejiang Kunju Opera Troupe was invited by Zhejiang opera Beijing Zhou Zhou to bring “The Story of the West Park” and “Peony Pavilion”Ben went to Beijing to participate in the show.The biggest highlight of the performance is that the five generations of Kunqu Opera inheritors from the Kunqu Opera Troupe of the World, Sheng, Xiu, Wan and Dai, played the role of Du Liniang in the book Peony Pavilion in the form of a one-man one-fold show, presenting the audience with exclusive ZhejiangKun’s “five generations in the same house”.Among them, the oldest Shen Shihua and the youngest Wu Xinyi are 63 years old. This is also the first time this version of “Peony Pavilion” has performed in Beijing.China Critics Theatre “Tears in the New Pavilion” Time: December 28-29, 2019 Venue: National Local Theatre Performance Screenplay: Zheng Huaixing Director: Wang Qing Performance Group: China Critics Theatre Starring: Yu Haiquan, Guo Liyin, Du Jian, ZhaoPhotographs by Yan, Han Lijiao: Wang Ning’s play “Xin Ting Tears” is based on the famous playwright Mr. Zheng Huaixing’s famous works.The play was first created in the early 1980s and won the first National Excellent Screenplay Award in 1982, and was regarded as a new variable in historical drama.”Xin Ting Tears” dance beauty boldly uses the most freehand way, combining tradition and modernity with minimal visual language.Music creation adds a lot of musical elements from the Wei and Jin Dynasties on the basis of maintaining the characteristics of the critical tune of the drama.The drama “Xin Ting Tears” can only be regarded as a “dark horse” in Chinese opera circles at the end of 2019 in terms of literature, thought and art. It is also a rare masterpiece among many re-created rehearsal operas.Opera “Pearl Collector” Time: May 15-19, 2019 Venue: Opera House, National Theatre Composition: George Bica Director: Wim Wendez Conductor: Donato Lentetti: Olga Peregacchico, Francesco de Muro, Alfred Daza and other national theatres for the opera “Pearl-Craftsman” by one of the “Four New German Movie Masters”, Director Wim Wendez directed for the first time across the border.This release of Des uses the “flashback” technique in the film to visually deal with the background of the story, boldly leaving the stage empty to present the mysterious and legendary Sri Lankan seaside, the stage is full of beaches,At the same time, the stage surface simulating the pearl material also makes the audience feel as if they are in a shell.Under the precise effect of the light, this stage will switch between the beach, the glade, the tent and the execution ground.The costumes of the actors have no obvious characteristics of the times, but they are exotic and can reflect the personality of different characters.Edita Gruberova and China Philharmonic Orchestra Classical Opera Aria Concert Time: October 9, 2019 Venue: Beijing Poly Theater Conductor: Peter Valentovic Performance: Edita GrubBerova organizer provided a picture of the 73-year-old legendary soprano Edita Gruberova sang the excerpt of “Romera of Ramermore” in this concert.In addition, the classic excerpt from the Rossini opera “Barber of Sevilla”, which she sang, “Wonderful Songs Sway in the Wind” is also commemorative.In 1968, Gruberova made his debut on the opera stage is “The Barber of Seville”.The climax of the concert appeared at the end. In the cheers of the whole “Bravo”, Gruberova returned to the scene three times.After the light interpretation of the traditional Chinese folk song “A Beautiful Jasmine” and the selection of “Song of Laugh” by Johann Strauss’s “Bat”, she was invited back to the center of the stage by the wave of applause when sheThe lyrics of “Love You China” sang from the mouth of this “European Nightingale”, which immediately triggered a chorus of the audience.”The Fall of Faust” Time: October 21, 2019 Venue: Beijing Poly Theater Conductor: Charles Dutua Singer: John Raylier, Paul Groves, Lux Sandra· Donoise, Sato Tahiro performance team: Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus Beijing International Music Festival for the picture The 83-year-old Charles Dutoy and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra collaborate with John Raylier and Paul· Groves, Luk Sandra Donose, Sato Tahiro and the copyrighted Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus on the stage of the Beijing International Music Festival, played for the death of BerliozThe 150th Anniversary is dedicated to the legendary masterpiece “The Fall of Faust” which is two hours long.As early as 2002, conductor Yu Long directed the Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra to premiere the pinnacle of this French romantic opera in the music season.Before the performance, “The Fall of Faust” has not been staged in Beijing for 17 years, and Dutu’s interpretation will become a memory of this work for a new generation of fans.Dance class Marahov and friends ballet boutique gathering time: April 29-30, 2019 Venue: National Theatre Artist: Vladimir Marahov and other nine dancers for the National TheatreAccompanied by the reputation of “Dancers of the Century”, Vladimir Malahov attended the stage of the National Grand Theater and presented eight wonderful dancers to the audience to present a wonderful performance.In the two-day performance, there are 15 works of classical ballet and modern ballet.Among them, there are selected episodes of classic fragments such as “Esmeralda”, “Don Quixote” and “The Nutcracker”, as well as unique and modern ballet works, such as the creation of 2015 by choreographer Benjamin Middle”Lonely Together”, “Park” created by the Paris Opera Theatre in 1994, etc.In addition, Malahov devoted himself to the male version of “The Death of the Swan”, bringing a unique and novel experience to the audience with soft dance and light jumping.”Pirate” and “Giselle” of La Scala Opera House, Italy Time: August 8-11, 2019 Venue: National Grand Theatre Performance Team: National Grand Theater of La Scala Opera House, Italy Pictured as 2019The opening performance of the National Grand Theater Dance Festival, the first stage performance “Pirate” is a brand new version of the La Scala Theater Troupe just premiered in 2018, and this is also the first time to meet with Chinese audiences.Another drama “Giselle”, co-authored by choreographers Jane Kallary and Jul Pero, has premiered since 1841, and the play has become the world’s ballet troupe with the most performances and attendanceOne of the highest classic dance drama.For this performance, the La Scala opera group will reproduce the original original version of the original 178 years ago, and continue to use the 1950 French ballet superstar Yvette Sauville to improve the work. In the work structure, action style, dance beautyClothing and other aspects are restored to the greatest extent.Cloud Gate Dance Collection and Tao Body Theater “Exchange Work” Time: November 14-17, 2019 Performance Location: National Grand Theater Choreography: Lin Huaimin, Zheng Zonglong, Tao Ye Performance Group: Cloud Gate Dance Collection and Tao Body Theater Photography:Xiao Yi’s highly respected choreographer Lin Huaimin retired from the Cloud Gate Dance Collection he founded at the end of 2019. On the occasion of farewell, he released the last work “Exchange of Cloud Gate Dance Collection and Tao Body Theater”.”Dance Dance Collection” and “Tao Body Theatre” performed together, and three international choreographers-72-year-old Lin Huaimin, 43-year-old Zheng Zonglong, and 34-year-old Tao Ye, each presented their original works-“”Autumn” “Multiplication” and “12”.”Exchange” became the last work planned by Lin Huaimin for the Yunmen Dance Collection, with a sense of heritage and handover.”Eternal Radio Wave” Time: December 6-8, 2019 Venue: National Grand Opera Opera Writer: Luo Huaizhen Director: Han Zhen, Zhou Liya Composer: Yang Fan Performance Team: Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe Performance: Wang Jiajun, HouTeng Fei, Zhu Jiejing, Wang Jing, Deng Yun, Yu Tingting, etc. Photography: Wang Xufeng’s dance drama “Eternal Wave” takes the true deeds of Li Bai, one of the “100 heroic models dedicated to outstanding contributions to the founding of New China”On the basis of a long history, it incorporates artistic elements such as youthful colors, red memories, romantic feelings, spy wars, etc. Through a unique form of dance, it performs a new interpretation of the red classics.Wait until the old Shanghai’s urban features are presented in detail on the stage.”Electrical Waves that Never Die” is a work that “today’s post-80s pay attention to the post-80s of the last century and moved the current post-80s through creation.”In 2019, the script has continuously won the “Wenhua Award” and “Five One Project Awards”.Matthew Byrne’s “Swan Lake” Time: September 5-8, 2019 Venue: Flyover Art Center Choreography: Matthew Byrne Starring: Max Westwell, Liam ·Mowell et al.The sponsor’s picture Matthew Byrne’s “Swan Lake” follows Tchaikovsky’s music and plot summary, but has made subversive adaptations in characters and plots.In the original book, the demon turned the beautiful girl into a swan, but the power of love and justice finally defeated evil.In this version, Byrne has made a unique British adaptation for the modern 20th century viewers who are no longer satisfied with the “prince and prince live happily together”.Byrne’s subversive adaptation of “Swan Lake” won the Oliver Award and two Tony Awards in one fell swoop.Breaking through the flawless character set of the fairy tale characters in the original story is Matthew Byrne’s realism stage philosophy.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading Lu Qian Wu Xingfa

During the Spring Festival, why 70% of the audience love to watch sugar-scattered scripts?丨 Investigation

During the Spring Festival, why 70% of the audience love to watch sugar-scattered scripts?? Investigation
This year, most people choose to “home” for the New Year, and watching drama has become the first choice for spending time at home.Among them, although romantic dramas such as “Under the Jinyi” and “The Next Stop is Happiness” are set in person, the plot itself is unique, but it brings a high degree of sweetness “fancy sugar” attracting many young audiences.Throughout the film and television market in the past two years, the main drama has returned violently and the dog blood drama has been operating bleakly.There is a place in the market.Why is it easy to become an “explosion” just by “kissing and holding high”?Which audience can’t live without the “dog food” of sugar dramas?Therefore, randomly surveyed 207 spectators and interviewed many foreigners for answers.Nearly seven adults watched the “Sugar Play”. To explore the reason why the “Sugar Play” was sought after, randomly surveyed 207 viewers.According to the survey data, nearly seven adults love to watch this kind of drama, of which 46.86% of people like to watch “Sugar Opera” very much, and only 30% do not watch it at all.Among the audience watching the drama, young people aged 18-30 occupy half of the country, and most audiences who prefer regular drama are middle-aged people aged 31-40.As for the reasons for love to watch the sugar-scattered script, the audience’s answers are also different.Half of the audience thought it was “life is too difficult, you need to relax” or “don’t use your brain to eat dog food”; and 38.9% of people use “high sugar” to satisfy their girls’ hearts.At the same time, nearly 7% of them admitted that “other dramas are more boring.”Although nearly 70% of the audience chose the “Sugar Play”, not everyone believes in the beautiful love in the play.Only 27.8% of people think that “love should be like this in the play”, and the majority of viewers who still face the “realistic skinny” rationally after watching the play.In essence, only 37 were faced with the “sugar play” that followed one another in the market.7% of viewers think “the more the better,” most of the viewers choose to talk about whether the content is good or not, and 26% of the people think that “it’s too much to be too tired”.The production cost is not high, and the good script creation introduces “The Next Stop is Happiness” to open the new year’s drama. In 2020, there are many suspected “sugar dramas” to be broadcast, including Wu Qian, Zhang Xincheng, “Crystal Sugar Stewed Pear”, Hu Yitian,Hu Bingqing’s “Secret Love of Oranges in Huainan”, Yan Chengxu, Shen Yue’s “Swap!””Luck”, Ruan Jingtian, Song Zuer’s “Heartbeat on the Tip of Tongue”, etc.For the “scattered sugar script”, there is no need to burn brain plots, high-energy special effects, or even people who only show a set of routines desperately “spread sugar” can be replaced by harvesting a young audience, and people from all walks of life have to make a difference.s reason.The producer of “I Only Like You” Wang Yan said frankly that everyone is facing different pressures in life now, and it is inevitable that when watching the drama, he hopes to relax and heal, “It is now popular to say” Aunt smiles “.I think that whether it is attracted by the male and female protagonists, or invested in the plot, this spontaneous content that makes the mood happy and laughs at a glance, the audience is not resistant.”The screenwriter Li Hua (a pseudonym) who once participated in the sugar scatter script revealed that the genre is not outstanding in the script creation,” “No too new sugar, sweet is enough, and then match the people who fit the concept of young people today.And story situations.”In the field of production,” scattering sugar script “is a potential alternative to investment.Li Hua admitted that some “sweet favorite dramas”, especially webcasts, have low investment in production cost, cycle time, and actor pay. “Most audiences who like sugar dramas go to the plot. The actors postThe audience’s imagination of sweet pets can be.”The content needs to be grounded. Excessive suspension is not recognized, but can the” Sugar Play “really be able to continue to shoot one and burst one?In terms of past achievements, the success rate of “Sugar Play” is relatively high, but there are also many works on the street.For example, in Yu Hao, Miao Miao’s “The Parabola of Youth” has no “rating” until the end; the other “Crocodile and Toothpick Bird” by Chen Bailin and Zhang Tianai is only 4.5 points.”Everyone still likes to look at the more authentic and grounded content.”Wang Yan said frankly,” even the sugar-scattered scripts also pursue a true sense of substitution, as if these people lived by their side.Instead of blindly pursuing is very exaggerated, far away from life.”Li Hua also said that in recent years, realism has been promoted, and even the” sugar play “is a certain degree higher than life, and you need to take care of reality.The story is written as a fairy tale, ideal, unrealistic, then embarked on the old road of idol drama.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing