Some foods are not suitable for overnight eating


Some foods are not suitable for overnight eating

In daily life, we often encounter leftovers leftovers. Most people choose to eat the next day, but they don’t know that certain foods can’t be eaten overnight, which will pose a great threat to health.

What food is not suitable for eating overnight?

let’s figure it out together!

銆€銆€Which foods are not suitable for overnight eating?

Experts pointed out that the following foods can not be eaten overnight: First, overnight dishes.

Since some green leafy vegetables contain a large amount of nitrates, if they are left for a long time after being cooked, the nitrates will be reduced to nitrite and have a carcinogenic effect, and heating cannot be removed.

Generally, stem and leaf vegetables have the highest nitrate content, melons and vegetables are relatively low, and roots and cauliflowers are in the middle.

銆€銆€Second, seafood products.

Fish and seafood are prone to protein degradation after overnight, which can damage liver and kidney function.

Therefore, seafood must not be eaten overnight, otherwise it is very unfavorable to your health.

銆€銆€Third, overnight tea.

Overnight tea has been lost for a long time, and the protein and sugar in the tea soup will become the nourishment of bacteria and mold, so it is considered that the tea cannot be consumed overnight.

銆€銆€The above is an introduction about the fact that these foods are not suitable for overnight eating.

Overnight dishes, seafood can not be eaten overnight, will bring great harm to people’s health.

About your own happiness


About your own happiness

Perhaps this is just a vernacular that everyone knows is lagging behind, and I know that there are many people, even many people who are not building their own lives and lives for the sake of their own.

Therefore, peeping into the lives and families of others becomes another part of our lives.

Our life seems to be composed of these two parts: one is to give life to people; the other is to look at other people’s lives.

銆€銆€We sympathize with the unhappiness of others and feel conscious of happiness. We evaluate the right and wrong of others and feel that they are noble and beautiful.

銆€銆€Therefore, we can not improve our vigilance to think that people will hint at our lives.

This is a great invasion, we can’t get rid of this trap, we are heavy and can’t be lightly loaded.

For this volume and concern, our own feelings have declined, but we have neglected ourselves.

銆€銆€Our hearts are full of strange self-esteem and inferiority.

The eyes of others are so important to us that we are uneasy.

If we are not recognized and affirmed by the public, we will not be happy again, and we will not be happy again.

銆€銆€We cannot prove our own happiness, and our happiness cannot be verified by ourselves.

We live passively, looking for happiness, we often can’t find it, because we are lost when we leave.

Insulation cups, drinking hot water is not healthy at all, but it is blown into the sky.



Insulation cups, drinking hot water is not healthy at all, but it is blown into the sky.

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“My stomach is not comfortable” “Let’s drink more hot water” “Hot, the head hurts” “Drink hot water” “Recently constipation” “Let’s drink more hot water” Drink more hot water, in many warm male eyesIn that, it is omnipotent, drinking hot water to maintain health, as if it became common sense overnight.

I heard that after the 90s, they started to use the thermos cup to maintain their health. Some people who have a little “health common sense” think that they want to be healthy and must drink hot water.

If you dare to drink cold water, it will definitely be educated by others.

I have a friend who often takes a mug to eat a butter hot pot and says that if it is too hot, drink some hot water. He said: Chili is afraid of hot water.

Look at him every time he eats the pepper, drink hot water, add a little fire to his mouth, and see that I am better than him.

Many aunts who traveled abroad liked to take a hot water bottle, and they were tired and tired. A cup of hot water went down, and the horses recovered quickly. It was easy to climb high and low.

(Rock band Panther drummer mug hot search) However, the strange thing is that in the world, except China and a few Asian countries, other countries do not have the habit of drinking hot water, people who have stayed abroad knowMany elderly people not only can’t enjoy hot water, but even have the habit of drinking ice water all year round.

But whenever you say this, people who drink hot water will give you a blank eye. Can Chinese and foreigners have the same physical fitness?

Ok, today we don’t revolutionize this matter. Let’s turn over history. When did it start, drinking hot water became a popular recipe for health in the country?

When did drinking hot water become popular?

There are many different narratives about when the Chinese started drinking hot water.

“The Chinese have been drinking hot water for thousands of years. This is the tradition handed down by the ancestors” – said Wang Daye, who loves drinking hot water next door.

Uncle Wang’s statement is actually true, because since ancient times, many ancestors have had the habit of drinking boiled water. At present, we have been unable to test when it started.

According to the assumption of pottery unearthed in China, French archaeologists have a 4,000-year history of drinking hot water. The ancient book also records this drinking habit.

In order to purify water, the ancients invented a purification method called “stone heating method”.

“Zhou Li” has a record that throwing hot stones into the water can eliminate pests and diseases.

So the ancients got hot water by adding the slate to the water.

There is also a cloud in “Healthy Essentials”: “Where you drink water, you can’t be seriously ill.”

However, due to the level of science and technology in ancient times, the economic level is limited, and those who can drink hot water hot tea are just a small part of the upper class.

Because not every family can afford a pot of hot water, not every family is willing to use wood fire to burn hot water, only the guests, or the elderly, pregnant women can enjoy the cost of drinking hot water.

In fact, according to sociologists, the popular habit of drinking hot water in China is actually a hundred years ago. This habit began in the Republic of China.

In 1862, a serious cholera epidemic broke out. The number of deaths per day reached nearly 3,000. Many of them were refugees who accumulated the uprising (the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement). The epidemic began in Shanghai and continued to spread northward.

However, the South is not affected by this disease.

At that time, there was a big difference between the South and the North. Southerners were more likely to drink hot water, although this is not the real reason for the epidemic being controlled.

But at the time, it was widely believed that hot water saved the lives of the people of the South.

In the Republic of China, because of the war, the pollution was very serious and the water quality was very poor.

Along with the development of bacteriology, the equivalent of “drinking hot water is more hygienic and healthy” has a certain scientific basis. At that time, the National Government began to expand this knowledge, so that everyone can drink hot water.

The leaders of the Kuomintang, Jiang and Song Meiling, highly recognized this concept. In 1934, Chiang Kai-shek proposed the “new life movement.”

The new life movement is a revival movement that focuses on the transformation of ideas, from the aspects of clothing, food, housing and travel, to make the people change their faces.

In the diet part of the new life movement, the idea of “water does not boil and not drink” is put forward.

“New Life Weekly”, 1934, vol.
However, at the time of the war, this period did not achieve great success.
With the widespread acceptance of traditional medicine in society, the Chinese people’s popularity of hot water has soared. In the 1930s, many hot water shops, such as “tiger stoves”, appeared in the more prosperous areas near the Yangtze River Delta.

(Transferred from the horse honeycomb application) The hot water they sell is not only used for replacement, but also for washing. It can be seen that it is inevitable that some people have gradually heated the hot water.

After the founding of New China in 1949, 鈥渄rinking hot water鈥?and 鈥渄rinking water鈥?was again vigorously promoted. In the national patriotic health campaign initiated by the government in 1952, 鈥渃hildren can develop the habit of drinking boiled water three times a day.

1 However, most people in the country can drink hot water as they please, already in the mid-1990s.

This is the history of drinking hot water. For ordinary people, it is not long before we drink hot water.

Drink more hot water, can you really maintain your health?

Water is water, or H2O. It has no special nutrients. Water is indeed the source of life and is very important to the human body.

But is there any special energy supply for hot water (hot water)?

In essence, the difference between it and cold water is hot, and the temperature is different.

In fact, looking back at history, we found that Chinese people choose to drink hot water for one reason: purify water, boil raw water, sterilize, and avoid bacterial infections. Europe and America have changed. Tap water is straight drinking water and can be drunk directly.

Therefore, according to the truth, as long as the water is boiled, it has nothing to do with the temperature. You can drink cold and white, do not drink hot water, and you don’t have to buy a thermos pot at all.

However, the promotion of many health experts has occurred, and the hot water has slowly become related to health care.

鈫?Source of hot water health statement, traditional Chinese medicine.

In the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” there is such a sentence: “Yin and Yang, famous and invisible.

“Yin and Yang even invisibly affect Chinese culture and influence Chinese medicine.”

“Typhoid fever case” said: “Yang Sheng Yin, sweat is dead, the next is more; Yin Sheng Yang, sweat is more, the next is dead.

“Chinese medicine believes that everyone is composed of “yin” and “yang”. The healthy state of a person is the balance between yin and yang.

Traditional medicine believes that water can nourish yin, while heat can be warmed.

In this way, hot water can neither yin nor warm.

Therefore, drinking hot water becomes very important, especially for women, they must drink hot water during special periods.

However, these claims, now it seems that there is not much modern scientific basis, of course, most scientists may not understand the theory of wetness, yin and yang.

Of course, the support for drinking hot water is not just traditional medicine, but also some theories that have found many magical effects of hot water.

鈫?Drink more hot water, can lose weight?

The theory of hot water to lose weight says that drinking more hot water can promote the body’s metabolism. At the same time, hot water can also be converted into a few molecules in the diet to achieve weight loss.

(After reading a little bit) In fact, drinking water can really improve metabolism, but the effect is just a little bit, not worth mentioning, and, in fact, the effect of cold water is better, because the cold water gets hot, then pee,Will take a part of the range.

Lose weight, or eat less carbon water, don’t expect to drink hot water to lose weight.

鈫?Drinking hot water can detoxify?

Natural health advocates believe that hot water may help the body detoxify.

When the temperature of the water rises and raises the temperature of the human body, it can cause sweating, sweating and expelling toxins, which can help clean the pores.

According to this theory, the sauna should be the best, and the statement of sweating and detoxification cannot be said to be unfounded, but why don’t you sweat and exercise?

I hope to drink hot water and sweat, how much hot water to drink, if I want to sweat more, why not eat a few peppers?

鈫?Drink more hot water to improve blood circulation?

Some people believe that heat is good for blood vessels to dilate, improve blood circulation, help muscles relax and relieve pain.

It seems to make sense, but it doesn’t really work.

鈫?Drinking hot water can alleviate constipation?

It is said that when a person lacks water, the small intestine absorbs most of the food and high temperature water, which can lead to dehydration and difficulty in defecation.

Chronic dehydration can cause constipation, and other problems.

Drinking water during dehydration does have a certain effect. However, drinking cold water has the same effect. There is no need to drink hot water.

However, constipation is not so simple, for many reasons, it is also very complicated, so whether hot water can work, the effect is not obvious, it is difficult to say.
Drink too much hot water for a long time?
It may be counterproductive 鈫?8 cups of water a day, it is the wrong “water is the source of our lives, 60% of our body is water”, this sentence itself has problems, in fact, 60% of the substance is body fluid,Its essence is electrolyte, not “water.”

In fact, what our body needs is water, not water. We can get it from fruits, vegetables, soups and other foods, not just from water.

In 1945, the National Research Council’s Food and Nutrition Committee mentioned that in most cases, the appropriate amount of water for adults is 2 per day.

5 liters, for different people, the general standard is 1 ml of food per 1 calorie, but most of the water is rich in food.

Some scholars believe that because it ignores the fact that most of the water is contained in food, it leads to the popularity of eight glasses of water a day.

2 In fact, drinking too much water can sometimes be fatal.

Case 1: A Korean child had appendicitis and opened the knife. After the operation, the doctor told him to drink more water. One day, he drank 3,600 cc in one breath, which led to acute water poisoning.

Case 2: A 28-year-old California woman died after attending a live radio drinking contest on the radio station. She drank about 6 liters of water in three hours, causing symptoms such as vomiting and vomiting, and then died of water poisoning.

Case 3: In the 2002 New York Times, a 16-year-old girl died of a large amount of water after taking stimulants.

3 drinking too much water may lead to reduced hyponatremia, which is water poisoning, which is a function of brain damage caused by excessive water.

The reason why this happens is because the large amount of water causes an increase in moisture in the blood, resulting in an electrolyte N + in the blood.

(Sodium ion is the main ion with a positive point in the extracellular fluid, which can participate in the metabolism of water and ensure the balance of water in the body.

When the sodium level is lower than 135mmol / l, it is called hyponatremia.

When there is too much water, the liquid is transferred from the outside of the cell to the inside of the cell, causing the cells to swell, affecting the operation of the brain cells, and generally causes headaches, aphasia, confusion, lethargy, and coma.

Serious can be fatal.

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鈫?More than 65 degrees of water, the risk of esophageal cancer soars.
In fact, warm water is good, drinking too hot water is tantamount to suicide.

Many people, whether drinking tea, drinking water or drinking soup, must drink hot, but this eating habit is actually wrong.

Some people often drink hot water to the tongue. When drinking water, the water passes through the mouth, and the esophagus can reach the stomach. The tolerance temperature of the oral cavity and esophageal mucosa is only 50-60 degrees Celsius, which means that the esophagus is also at risk of being burned.

In previous articles, we mentioned that in the Carcinogen Assessment Report published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2016, more than 65 tons of beverages were classified as Class IIA carcinogens.

Related reading 鈫?eat hot, drink hot tea, simply do not maintain health, and may also raise cancer.

.In March 2019, a super-large-scale study published in the International Journal of Cancer, another theory of real hammer certification.

4 (drinking hot tea, double the risk of cancer) Therefore, only hot water can be too hot, not just unhealthy, there may be many potential risks.

The appropriate temperature for the human gastrointestinal tract is 37.

About 5-38, this is close to the body temperature of the human body, so the water at this temperature is the most suitable. If you like to drink hot water, for safety, as long as it does not exceed 50 degrees.

鈫?Is the thermos really healthy?

In the winter, regardless of the elderly, middle-aged, young people, almost a hand holding a mug, soaking, brewing tea. When we talk about health, we will think of a thermos cup, but is the cup really healthy?

is it safe?

Too many people have the habit of using a mug to make tea and juice.

However, the status quo is that the market has a large number of shoddy insulated cups. Looking at the beauty, it is actually not durable and harmful to health.

In Jiangsu Province in 2016, the spot check and inspection of the insulation cup products showed some problems. If the acid juice contained in the insulation cup would release heavy metals.

This may not be healthy, but the cups of tea that can be used to nourish may lead to a decline in the quality of tea. Researchers at the College of Tea and Food Technology of Anhui Agricultural University have conducted a series of tests on whether the cup can make tea.

5 Researchers replaced two green teas of the same composition, and placed them in a thermos cup and glass with the same amount of water. After brewing for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, three hours, respectively, sampling, analyzed the composition changes in the tea soup.

The experimental results show that over time, the tea in the cup quickly turns yellow and dark in a short time, while the color of the tea soaked in the glass has hardly changed.
Then, the expert said: “Insulation cups can prolong the time to maintain high temperature, and the quality of tea will decrease in the state of smouldering.

鈥淯sing a vacuum flask, the tea leaves are immersed in high temperature for a long time, which is equivalent to cooking tea leaves.
The nutritional value of tea will be destroyed in large quantities at high temperatures, reducing the nutritional value of tea.

Therefore, the thermos cup is not necessarily healthy, but is the result of propaganda by manufacturers or pseudo-scientific experts.

The key thin dragon said that in fact, drinking hot water is just a way to make yourself comfortable, and has nothing to do with health.

Unclean water, boiled and then drink, this is no problem, it can be sterilized, healthier and healthier, but it is not necessary to force yourself to drink hot water.

Nowadays, a lot of water can be drunk directly. Some say that pure water, mineral water and bottled water sold outside are no problem.

Many people say that drinking cold water is not comfortable. In fact, it may just be that your stomach adapts to that temperature. If it is a little lower, there will be replacement. There are many similar physical discomforts: staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, going out to the sun.A little sun will dizzy.

Staying in the heating room for a long time in the winter, you will catch a cold when you go out for a while.

I haven’t exercised for a long time, suddenly running 50 meters, you may be sour for a week.

This is the nature of human beings. Many of the functions and organs of the human body are pre-applied to the principle of 鈥渞eturning and retreating鈥?

The stomach is also a creature that uses “returning waste”. It often eats digested foods, such as porridge, and does not raise the stomach. It just makes your stomach function degenerate slowly. Drinking hot water often can’t stand the stimulation of cold water.

I believe that many people will raise the bar and say, then we eat scales every day, will it be better to eat peppers, of course not, everything must have a degree, slowly transition, slowly switch, slowly adapt.

Chinese people love to drink hot water, and more are more than one hundred years of publicity and education, and the habits that have been handed down.

If drinking warm water helps you feel a little more comfortable, you can continue to drink warm water, but it is really not recommended to drink too hot water.

If you don’t like to drink hot water, there is no need to force yourself to drink. It is good to drink cold and white, because drinking hot water and health care really don’t have a dime.

(When you are finished, are you talking more?


There are several health prescriptions


There are several health prescriptions

Treating rheumatic headaches and headaches seems to have heavy objects on the head, and the rainy days are aggravated.

Use 10 grams of Atractylodes, live, wind, 6 grams of Nepeta, Shuijianbi.

(Excerpt from “National Medicine News”) Comments: Rheumatism headache when the hurricane wins the wet, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

Nepeta sinensis, warm and not dry, good hair on the wind and cold; wind is the “hurricane holy medicine”, and can win the wet; Atractylodes heavy in dampness and spleen; sputum is scattered cold hurricane, wins and relieves pain.

The combination of four flavors can enhance the effect of hurricane dehumidification, dispelling cold and relieving pain, and has a better effect on rheumatism headache.

銆€銆€After treatment of postpartum blood snails, mustard spikes 9 grams, decoction filter clothes.

Table virtual self-sweat is hanged.

(Excerpt from “Friends of Health”) Comments: “Postpartum blood halo” refers to excessive blood loss after childbirth and suddenly cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even coma.

The schisandra chinensis has a hurricane solution, and the work of stopping bleeding is often used for maternal liver heat and wind, blood deficiency and liver urgency.

At the end of the drug, the effect is better with a child.

銆€銆€The remedy of the facial mask is 15 grams of tooth soap, and it can be applied after being immersed in 100 ml of vinegar for 8 hours.

Use the cotton ball sputum solution to wipe the posterior part of the healthy side angle (between the floor and the hole).

Every time you use the liquid, rub it about 10 times?
15 minutes.

It can be rubbed several times a day.

(Excerpt from “Family Health News”) Comments: The top is from the “Outside Taiwan Secrets.”

The facial paralysis is caused by the stagnation of the blood in the face.

Tooth soap (that is, acacia) can be smashed away, and it can be smashed by wind and phlegm. Tongluo scatters evil; vinegar can disperse silt and relieve pain, and it is also a good solvent, which helps to effectively dissolve in tooth soap.

This medicine is combined with massage and has a certain effect on the facial paralysis. The sooner the application is better, the longer the effect is.

Female: Eat more tofu to increase the buttocks


Female: Eat more tofu to increase the buttocks

You may not know that the back end is an invisible enemy of the body.

If your chest is strong and strong, it will naturally reveal a slim strip of your waist, and it will also add a noticeable slender effect to your legs.

The rounded shape of the chest will naturally lead to the embarrassment of the body curve.

銆€銆€If your humerus is inelastic, then the complications below the waist will be lost, and the proportion of the lower body will give you a sense of loss of balance.

銆€銆€So, don’t let the domino effect of your hips drag your body curve.

銆€銆€The office workers who are nine to five are not moving very often because of sedentary office, and gradually accumulate in the lower body, which is easy to cause sagging.

銆€銆€The most important cause of the true sagging of the chest is the unreasonable diet in our daily routine.

Be aware that if you take in too much animal waste, it is easy to hoard in the lower body, further causing the hips to sag.

Now that we have found the cause of the pedal sag, let us start with three meals a day, paying attention to eating more plant feces or food containing vegetable protein.

For example, tofu is the best food to prevent sagging breasts.

銆€銆€Tofu can be cooked in a variety of ways, including cold salad, braised, stewed, etc., with a wide variety of styles.

And the varieties of tofu family are also endless, in addition to traditional soy milk, tofu brain, dried bean curd, etc., now more new varieties of tofu, and even delicious tofu ice cream is very suitable for people who can not accept lactose.

In addition, cheese cakes with bean decay are also great.

What are the benefits of summer foot bath for anti-winter disease?

What are the benefits of summer foot bath for anti-winter disease?

The benefits of Chinese medicine foot bath crystallize neurasthenia and insomnia.

Every night, the traditional Chinese medicine foot bath can strengthen the nervous system exercise, promote the nervous system regulation function, and improve the sleep effect.

Venous hypertension.

The traditional Chinese medicine foot bath effectively promotes blood circulation, regulates the nerve and endocrine system, and the blood is smooth, and the blood pressure is stabilized.

Rheumatoid arthritis.

Chinese medicine soaking feet can promote blood circulation, collaterals and promote blood circulation, eliminate cold and reduce inflammation, and have better physiotherapy effect on rheumatoid arthritis.

The ridiculous legs and feet are numb.

Through the foot bath of traditional Chinese medicine, the nerve endings of the legs can be activated, and the nervous system can be connected up and down to eliminate numbness of the legs and feet.


The traditional Chinese medicine foam foot can regulate the endocrine system, promote the function of guiding the island cells to achieve the goal of controlling blood sugar.

The game is cold and warm.

The traditional Chinese medicine foot bath activates the plantar acupoints, sending nutrients and fresh oxygen to the brain and the whole body, so that the whole body feels comfortable.

Beauty to lose weight.

The traditional Chinese medicine soaks the feet to promote the secretion of hormones from the adrenal glands, enhances the skin’s metabolism and decomposes the body’s traces, making the skin white and slim.

Anionic cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.

Every day, Chinese medicine soaks the feet, keeps the blood flowing every day, no longer worried about brain hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis.

Eliminate fatigue and make people feel relaxed and happy.

The foot bath accelerates the blood circulation, soothing and promoting blood circulation, which can quickly eliminate the fatigue of the day, remove the odor and dust under the foot, and make people feel relaxed and happy.

Five major health misunderstandings that everyone will commit


Five major health misunderstandings that everyone will commit

Drinking, eating, sleeping, and other daily habits often affect people’s health without knowing it.

銆€銆€Health is a way of life, and health comes from many details of life.

Let us start from the Spring Festival, change bad habits, and be healthy year after year.

銆€銆€You can’t wait for thirst to drink water is the source of life.

All life activities of the human body, including digestion and absorption of nutrients, excretion of metabolic waste, removal, and all physiological and biochemical reactions need to be carried out in a liquid environment.

銆€銆€Too many people can’t get away from work because of work, and often they can’t even drink water. However, if there is water shortage in the body, it will lead to people’s lack of energy, dry mouth, weak body, and will cause liver and kidney function decline, toxic substances.Savings, so that various diseases can be taken advantage of.

Especially for patients with hypertension, too little water intake can lead to insufficient blood volume, blood concentration, increased blood viscosity, and easily lead to cerebral thrombosis.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that they should not think of drinking water until they are thirsty.

Because thirst is actually a manifestation of a serious lack of water in the body.

Usually before the thirst, there should be a small amount, multiple times to replenish water.

Especially drink plenty of water, light tea or milk, which is more conducive to health.

銆€銆€You can’t wait until you are hungry to eat, don’t eat on time, don’t hungry or eat, has become the “habit” of too many people.

In the morning, I was in a hurry. I didn’t have time to go to work when I went to work. One of the reasons was 鈥渘ot hungry鈥? When I was busy, I had to wait for my work to go to dinner. One of the reasons was 鈥渘ot hungry鈥? and I often had to wait until I was hungry.” Eat a meal.”

As a result, there are more and more young patients with “old stomach problems”.

銆€銆€Eating irregularly, it is most likely to damage the health of the stomach and expand the body’s ability to resist disease.

Because the food stays in the stomach for about 4 to 5 hours, when people feel suffocated, the stomach is already empty, and then the gastric juice will “self-digest” the gastric mucosa, which is easy to cause gastritis and peptic ulcer.
Frequent hunger and eating will cause hypoglycemia and even cause coma, shock.

銆€銆€Only by timing, quantifying, and eating, can the brain be fully nourished, and the ability of memory, understanding, and thinking analysis will be in an ideal state, thus ensuring higher work efficiency.

銆€銆€Can not wait for the urgency and then the size of the toilet is an important way for the human body to excrete waste and purify the internal environment.

The reason why constipation is harmful to the human body is that the toxins in the feces stay in the series for too long, and are easily reabsorbed into the human body and become poisonous.

銆€銆€The key to bidding farewell to constipation is to develop a good habit of regular use of the toilet every day. Even if it is not convenient, you should take a trip to form a conditional reflex.

銆€銆€A healthy diet is the main method of preventing constipation.

The combination of coarse grains and fine grains in three meals a day should be reasonable.

Only by eating more high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables can the stool be kept open.

銆€銆€Urine is a product of kidney metabolism, which contains many uric acid, urea and various toxic substances produced by human metabolism.

Urine is very likely to cause urinary tract infections and stones, which can lead to kidney damage.

銆€銆€Things to be aware of, urine is more harmful to women than men.

This is because the organ structure in the female abdominal cavity is more complicated, and its urinary system is more susceptible to pathogens than men.

Women’s double urine can affect bladder function, cause urinary tract infection, and then adversely affect the reproductive organs.

銆€銆€Experts remind that unless the work is busy, it is necessary to urinate every one to two hours, in order to effectively reduce the stimulation of the bladder by harmful substances in the urine, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases such as bladder cancer.

銆€銆€Can not wait for sleep, sleep, because of busy work, cumbersome housework, etc., insomnia has become one of many people’s perennial invasion.

銆€銆€In fact, the reason for “sleeping and not sleeping” is often “to wait until sleepy to sleep.”

銆€銆€Experts point out that sleepiness is a sign that the brain is already quite tired. People should not sleep very sleepy.

Long-term staying up late, exacerbating human nervous system excessive tension, leading to a series of diseases such as neurasthenia, ulcer disease, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Insufficient long-term sleep will damage the brain and lead to premature brain failure.

And to develop a good habit of sleeping on time, in addition to protecting the brain, making people easy to fall asleep, but also improve sleep quality and reduce the occurrence of insomnia.

銆€銆€Can not wait for the disease before the physical examination is devoted to busy work, when there is dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, palpitations, stomach pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, poor appetite, but do not think that it is squatting, dragging, intentionally or unintentionally exposedThe body is a disease of this kind.

Sticking to aerobics is the key to keeping fit


Sticking to aerobics is the key to keeping fit

First, the arch arm moves 1.

Prepared posture: squat, look up, straight back.


Action: Arched back, bowed, contracted abdominal muscles, keep posture for 5 seconds, restore.

Repeat 8 times, exhale when the abdominal muscles contract, and inhale when reducing.

銆€銆€Second, the body lateral flexion movement 1.

Preparing posture: Sit on the cross-legged legs and put your hands on the side of the body.


Action: The left hand slides out to the left side, the upper body is vertically bent, the right arm is lifted, and then the left side is oscillated, and the left side is repeatedly bent 4 times to restore.

Change the right side to do 4 times, repeat twice, the chest does not move when the side flexes, the movement has to be slow and rhythmic.

銆€銆€Third, rowing exercise 1.

Prepared posture: sitting position, legs bent knees apart, a pair of front lift, palm down.


Action: With both hands flexing forward and extending forward, the head stretches to the knee, restore, make 1 time every 6 seconds, repeat 24 times, abdomen when the back is straight, exhale when the upper body bends forward.Inhale when straight.

銆€銆€Fourth, the leg movements are lying flat, the left arm is stretched flat, the left leg is straight, the right leg is bent up, and the right arm is flat.

The front is close to the ground, the left arm is lifted forward, and the left leg is lifted back. Try to make the two touch each other, repeat 12 times, then change the right arm and do the right leg 12 times.

The main point is to abdomen and keep your hips straight.

銆€銆€Fifth, reverse the sitting posture, the two arms naturally sag, the left leg bends the knee to the right; the right leg bends the knee, the foot is placed outside the left thigh, the upper body is turned to the right, the left hand is placed with the right leg, the right hand is placed on the floor behind the eyes, eyesLook at the right shoulder.

Hold the posture for 20 seconds, change the direction to do the same action, repeat 2 times each.

When you turn, you will abdomen and take a deep breath.

銆€銆€Sixth, abdomen exercise supine, legs apart, waist is not attached to the ground, the arms are placed flat on the side, tighten the abdominal muscles, so that the spine sticks to the ground, keep the posture for 6 seconds, then relax and restore, repeat 12 times.

銆€銆€Seven, the waist movement 1.

Prepared posture: supine, back to the ground, legs and knees apart, some flat side.


Action: Abdominal muscles, slowly lift the waist until only the shoulder touches the ground, keep straight for 4 seconds, then slowly put down the waist to restore, repeat 12 times.

銆€銆€Eight, swivel exercise supine, right leg knees, right foot on the left thigh, two arms flat on the side, palm down, right knee trying to swing to the left, repeated 8 times, then, left foot on the right thighOn the left knee, trying to swing to the right, do it 8 times, and repeat it twice.

The shoulders remain motionless when the legs are placed, and the positions of the two hands do not change.


Improper sleep posture can cause dry mouth

Many elderly people often feel dry and dry after waking up. Too many people mistakenly believe that salivary gland function is degraded.

The old TCM health network reminds you: In fact, improper sleep posture is also easy to cause dry mouth.

銆€銆€When you are sleeping on your back, you can breathe with your mouth, or use your mouth and nose to breathe at the same time. The body fluid is easily evaporated.

Experts suggest that the elderly who do not interfere with this situation, do not hinder the change of sleep posture, avoid lying on the back, should use the “sleeping like a bow” posture, and it is best to use the right side of the bedroom, try not to breathe, try to raise the pillow.

The advantage of lying on the right side is that the outlet of the stomach is facing downwards, which helps the discharge of stomach contents and avoids pressing the heart.

銆€銆€It is believed that certain diseases can also cause the elderly to breathe.

For elderly people with severe snoring, they must breathe at the same time and nose; patients with chronic bronchitis, high blood pressure, etc. often have a feeling of hypoxia when they develop the disease. This feeling is more obvious after falling asleep, so the mouth is breathing for more.Oxygen inhalation; people who are fatigued or weak in the daytime often have a lack of oxygen during sleep, so it is easy to breathe in order to get enough oxygen to inhale.

Therefore, these elderly people should actively treat the primary disease, and remove the problem of dry mouth after waking up from the “root”.

Acupoints of the Health Series 43: Shaoze, Qiangu, Houxi, Wrist Bone


Acupoints of the Health Series 43: Shaoze, Qiangu, Houxi, Wrist Bone

Paying attention to life itself and focusing on health has always been something that Xiaobian is trying to do.

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health. They have a deeper understanding of health than they have in previous years. They know that it is more important to treat “not sick” than “treatment”.

Then today we continue to learn about health care knowledge about acupuncture points.

Shaoze point positioning: on the ulnar side of the little finger, from the nail angle 0.

l inch.

Indications: cradle, less milk, coma, fever, headache, seeing, sore throat and so on.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 1?
3 strong, or moxa moxibustion 10?
15 minutes.

Massage: 鎺?method, 鎻?method, tap method.

Efficacy: open phlegm and heat, pharyngeal through the milk.

Daily Health Guidance: Shaoze Point is very good for children with snoring.

And adults can also ease snoring through this acupoint.

Massage method: Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the little finger of the other hand and pinch the acupuncture point with your forefinger.

You can also massage the skull fractures of Shaoze acupoints, but you must pay attention to the neurological headaches. First, do head CT and EEG to exclude internal lesions of the skull.

Perform other treatments.

Positioning of the front valley: located on the side of the palm of the human body, slightly clenching the fist, when the little finger is in front of the section (the fifth finger joint), the palm of the hand is transversely red.

Indications: headache, eye pain, tinnitus, sore throat, less milk, fever.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 1?
3 strong, or moxa moxibustion 10?
15 minutes.

Massage: Tap, squat, squat.

Efficacy: Shufeng Qingre, active through the milk.

Daily health guidance: Those who have tinnitus can often massage the Qiangu point. Massage method: press the thumb and abdomen to press the acupoints of the acupoints before the anesthesia, pay attention to the intensity of the anesthesia, massage for 5 minutes each time, massage 2 times a day.

Before the massage, there are also eye-catching effects in the valley. In our daily life, we can also treat the eye-catching foods such as bananas, dragon fruit, sacred fruit, oranges, blueberries, sugar cane, persimmons and black mites.

Positioning of Houxi Point: On the side of the palm of the hand, the micro-grip is made. When the 5th finger joint is located, the distal palm is horizontal and the head is red and white.

Indications: Head pain, low back pain, pain in the fingers and elbows, pain, deafness, redness, madness, disease, etc.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 1?
3 strong, or moxa moxibustion 10?
15 minutes.

Massage: Tap, squat, squat.

Efficacy: clearing the heart and calming the nerves, through the active.

Daily Health Guidance: For friends who work or study in front of the computer for a long time, put the hands and the back of the river on the edge of the table every hour for 3 hours?
5 minutes can reduce the long-term burden and the adverse effects of the computer on the human body.
By massage the Houxi point, it can be used to prevent and treat cervical spondylosis.

Houxi is the intersection of the eight classics of Qijing, the Tongdu pulse, can ventilate the heart, strengthen the yang, adjust the cervical vertebra, sharp eyes, positive spine.

You may wish to press the time during the work interval.

Can also be through the eating of lotus soup, red bean porridge, lily white fungus mung bean porridge and other diarrhea.
Carpal bone positioning: On the ulnar side of the palm, when the 5th metacarpal base and the hook bone are in the depression, red and white meat.

Indications: refers to wrist wrist pain, head pain, eyesight, jaundice, fever, lung disease and so on.

Moxibustion: Aizhu moxibustion 3?
5 strong, or moxa moxibustion 10?
15 minutes.

Massage: 鎺?method, 鎻?method, tap method.

Efficacy: Shujin is active, and the body is clear and turbid.

Daily health guidance: long-term in a posture, the cervical spine will inevitably be uncomfortable.

When the cervical spine feels uncomfortable, you can massage the wrist bones.
Massage method: Press the thumb and abdomen to press the acupuncture points of the wrist. Pay attention to the intensity when you pay attention. Massage for 5 minutes each time and massage twice a day.

Cervical spondylosis is mainly to change bad habits, do not repeat bowing.

Change your posture regularly.

Can strengthen the strength of muscle exercise.

After crossing your hands with your hands, your head will move forward against your back.

A flat bed should be used for sleep, and the pillow is highly suitable for the head to be over-extended.

Prevent cervical spondylosis from multiple aspects.

The knowledge about acupoint health shared by Xiaobian is closely related to our daily life.

I also hope that more people will pay attention to the health of themselves and those around them. A good body is a substitute for everything.

Cherish yourself, love your family, and let the healthy body become our biggest driving force.