NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors point guard PK: Tang Shencun variable Shambote or misalignment _1

NBA Finals Cavaliers vs. Warriors PK
On May 30th, Beijing time, the 2015 NBA Finals was about to hit.Among them, the duel of the second place, due to an accident in the Warriors’ second round of promotion, added uncertainty.Whether the concussive Klay Thompson can play in the first game, and if he plays the skill geometry, is unknown.Can Tang Shen play 100%?Thompson Age: 25 Yearly salary this season: 3.08 million Average data for the playoffs this year: 19.7 points 3.7 rebounds 2.9 assists, shooting 45.9% of the Splash Brothers eventually got connected to the concussion in the Western Conference. After Stephen Curry escaped, Thompson unfortunately made a move.Trevor Ariza’s iron knee cast a shadow over the Warriors’ finals prospects.According to the latest news, Thompson received an expert review and was diagnosed with a concussion. Coach Steve Kerr believed he could play in the first game.  However, just before this tragedy happened, Thompson’s performance also contrasted with Curry.The Rockets insisted on using Ariza for defense in the Western Conference finals. As a result, they dropped in 5 games. Thompson had 4 field goal percentages below 43%. The United States also said that the Warriors’ 5 games seemed to be easy, but Thompson’s performance was worrying.Even Mitchell Thompson also stood up to defend his son, saying that it would not affect his son’s mentality, and took Kobe Bryant as an example to encourage his son to continue to vote.  As the best three team member of the year this season, Thompson’s performance and tactical role in the regular season is no less than Curry.Even in the closely watched Western Conference finals, Thompson has played in a few of them in a single quarter.  However, long before the start of this round of series, the developing countries pointed out that the horizontal composition of the Warriors and the Rockets are similar. Both teams are quite confident in the defensive rotation of their front line.In the finals, the Cavaliers’ confidence in their flanking defense only increased.In this case, whether Thompson can recover in time, and how to crack down the defense after recovery, has become a sword hanging above the Warriors.David Blatter is expected to continue the layout of the first two rounds, starting with Iman-Chambert in the second position, he will be the main force to suppress Thompson.In addition, it is not ruled out that the Cavaliers will downgrade LeBron James to defend Thompson in dislocation.  What’s more, Thompson also became the heart defense.During the regular season, some experts used Thompson to participate in today’s NBA’s best offensive and defensive player, and his decline in the Western Conference finals was also related to his need to play James Harden.After the first two games, Steve Kerr made adjustments and replaced Harrison Barnes with Harden. Thompson was only in front of the game somewhere in Harden.Despite Thompson’s self-argument that Harden’s defense is good, Cole’s change has shown the problem.In the finals, if Thompson can play, he must at least take care of the Cavaliers’ wing shooter, and even be pushed up to James (when playing a small position) or down to Owen.  If Thompson is absent or not supported, Cole has two alternations, Andre Iguodala or Leandro Barbosa.And both have different Thompson scores in functionality, and the Warriors’ bench strength will also improve.Champer age: 24 years old Annual salary this season: 2.62 million Average data for the playoffs this year: 10.1 point 5.4 rebounds 1.He shot 39 assists in 4 assists.7% turning waste into treasure is not a patent for the Rockets this season, Chambord and J.R.-Smith’s successful transformation also shows that the Cavaliers are leaders in this respect.Without the duo and Timofey Mozgov joining in the middle, the Cavaliers could not go to today, which has become a consensus.Each time the Cavaliers take another step, the two will be more fortunate.  In the regular season, Shane Porter and Smith started the rotation in the second position.In the first round against the Green Shirts, Smith played four games, but from the second round to the present, Champert has firmly secured this position.Considering Thompson’s existence (whether he can play or not), Blatter is expected to continue the current arrangement.  The Champagne defense is excellent, the single defense is better, it has both stealing and short circuit capabilities, and it has a fast start.Even better for him, Thompson encountered Ali’s strict defense in the Rockets round, and suffered a concussion. The psychological confrontation was incalculable.  However, it is worth noting that the Cavaliers’ defense is not dominated by pinch shooters (although the Cavaliers limit the opponent’s three-point ability to the forefront of the league), they value pinch off the source and limit the opponent’s sudden points in the backcourt.In addition, the Cavaliers also hope to do so, directly from the backcourt to attack and defense conversion.From this perspective, if Blatter lowers both James and Chamber at the same time, it should not be an accident if the former matches Thompson and pinches Curry at the same time.Moreover, the Warriors are the team with the most turnovers (average 15 in the playoffs).Three turnovers are only stronger than the Rockets, and 14 turnovers per 100 rounds are the bottom), the Cavaliers can not be regarded as impossible.  On the top of the defensive end, Shampert’s offensive end, especially the three-pointer, this performance is distorted, basically two days of fishing and three days of exposure.Fortunately, rather than being affected by the Cavaliers, the playoffs still pay 35.9% outside shooting rate, but one thing can not be ignored, referring to the Warriors, the depth of the Cavaliers rotation once 8 people is not deep enough, developing countries describe the Cavaliers as an all-round forward with a bunch of shooters to today.Kyrie Irving broke the threat and discounted after continuous injuries, and also joined the ranks of outside shooters, but the Cavaliers shooter group generally suffers from a lack of stability, and Shampert may be missed by Smith somewhere in the game due to misalignment.Replaced by.  Smith and Chamber are one.As the Cavalier’s strongest backup rifle, Cavaliers fans are waiting for a Smith who is a good fan.For the change of circumstances, Smith feels deeper than Chambord, saying one person’s trash, another person’s baby said endlessly sad.Smith’s transformation also lies in the offensive choice. After the transfer, he reduced the slightly reluctant breakthrough and became the Cavaliers’ most reliable shooter.  In a specific budget of the game, Smith will be the Cavaliers’ second choice, or join the Champions League when playing a small goal, but the Cavaliers will worry about his squat steals and slightly exaggerated defensive moves, which may bringTo potentially harm.But absolutely, the two mutations in the second position can be turbid and terrible. Nowadays, the Cavaliers have room for replacement.Conclusion The two superstars in the first position do their best. The main duel in the second position shows a situation of blocking and anti-blocking, and the variables are relatively large.Needless to say, Thompson’s injury, the Cavaliers’ defensive positioning arrangement may also lead to different situations.Although the NBA game is not a comparison of the five positions alone, it becomes a one-on-one match, but for this year’s finals, if the main match of the second position appears to be evenly matched, or the situation of the opposite,Feasible is good for the Cavaliers.(Demon)

Great Cech!Former football goalkeeper crosses the border into a professional ice hockey goalkeeper

Great Cech!Former football goalkeeper crosses the border into a professional ice hockey goalkeeper
Cech crosses the border into a hockey team goalkeeper.Figure / social media According to the Spanish “Aspen” report, the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Cech signed a contract with the team’s professional ice hockey team, the contract until the end of the season.From the grass to the ice rink, Cech will continue to serve as the team’s goalkeeper.After the end of last season, Cech officially announced his retirement from the football field, and then returned to Chelsea as a technical consultant, at any time to train at the Guildford Phoenix Ice Hockey Club.On Wednesday, local time, Cech officially signed with the club.”Ice hockey is a sport that I watched and practiced from an early age.After spending 20 years in football, it was a wonderful experience for me to participate in ice hockey.”Cech said,” I hope to help this young team reach its goals this season and win more games when I have the chance to play.After that, Cech said on personal social media that signing with the ice hockey team will not affect his work as a technical consultant in Chelsea.”Some people think I changed jobs, no, I don’t.Fortunately, my work as a technical consultant in Chelsea outside of ice hockey time will not be interrupted.I can’t play ice hockey when I’m still a professional player, but now I can.”Cech fiber.Guildford Phoenix Hockey Club coach said frankly: “Signing Cech is a big deal for the club. He is a hard-trained person. I can’t wait to see his debut.In 2004, Cech landed in the Premier League and joined Chelsea for 11 years, where he grew into one of the world’s top goalkeepers.Transferred to Arsenal for 4 years in 2015.In Cech’s career, he has completed 202 Premier League zero seals and still maintains a record of the Premier League.He won 4 Premier League titles, 5 won the FA Cup, 3 won the League Cup, and won the Champions League and the UEFA Champions League.

After 10 Mengwa stunning the audience after changing clothes, only 8 abdominal muscles at the age of 7 and a half

“After 10” Mengwa stunning the audience after changing clothes, only 8 abdominal muscles at the age of 7 and a half
The day before yesterday and yesterday, the gymnastics competition of the 19th Hangzhou Games was held in the gymnastics hall of Chen Jinglun Sports School. Nearly 50 young athletes from five districts, counties and cities in Hangzhou participated in the competition.Chen Yi, who played for Yuhang District, became the biggest winner. One person won 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal.  This kid is less than 7 and a half years old, and the men’s group he is in has only 7 projects, right?而他的惊艳全场却发生在比赛后……  10后 萌娃换衣服惊艳全场  本届市运会体操比赛按年龄分为甲、乙、丙、丁四个组别,昨天上午进行的是The individual events of Men’s Group C and Group D include free exercise, goats, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bars.The age of the children participating in the D group is between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010, and the largest child among them is only 7 and a half years old.  Looking at the entire gymnastics hall, the little guys in the D group are still very eye-catching. Don’t look at their small size, but they are very good at doing gymnastic professional moves.Chen Yi, who was born in February 2010, is one of the small athletes in the D group. He managed a small flat head. In the same group, he is not tall, but the arm muscle lines are the most obvious.  At the scene, he watched his vaulting, lifting rings, horizontal bars and parallel bars. From the pre-game display, to the action in the game, and then to the next method, Chen Yidu was quite a professional, and the referee also nodded frequently.In addition to throwing three more points on the parallel bars and being deducted points, he won the championship easily in other single events.After the parallel bars were close to noon, Xiao Chenyi ran to the side of the court, where his father, mother, brother and grandmother were there.  How do you evaluate your performance for the first time?well!  Which item is the most satisfying?horizontal bar.  Why do you like gymnastics?Because the gymnastics is so handsome.   an easy answer, cute expression, all the adults present were amused, because Chen Yi was so cute when he talked.After the interview, Chen Yi took off her gym suit and changed to casual wear. At this time, the crowd watching was completely calm. wow, your abdominal muscles. Come and come and take a POSE photo!  Chen Yi, who was originally wearing small shorts, ran to the locker and turned the gym pants over.Once the fists are clenched, the abdominal muscles are clearly visible.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Oh my god, eight full abs.A child less than 8 years old actually developed 8 perfect abdominal muscles!  I quickly sent Chen Yi’s photos to the circle of friends. Several adult men returned to their knees: Kneeled!其他的留言无外乎好帅啊、天哪、这得练得多刻苦啊……  两岁时 一手抱奶瓶一手吊在栏杆上玩悬挂  上午比赛结束后,场地里只剩几位还在统计成绩Referee.Chen Yi, who was worshipped by everyone, had put on a T-shirt and quickly dried a banana and a small jug of milk. Because there was a game in the morning, he didn’t eat much for breakfast, and now he is a bit hungry.After drinking the last sip of milk, the little guy seemed to be fully charged again in an instant, and he ran back and forth to the field. He had to touch aerial ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines, and any equipment.  The son got such a good result for the first time in the competition. Chen Yi’s mother Zhang Hongyu was happy and broke.Chen Yi is her youngest son. The eldest son is 13 years old. She said that Chen Yi’s athletic ability should be born.  Chen Yisheng was born and weighed 8 pounds.When the child was born, he had to put it on the scales to weigh himself. The doctor wanted to see if the child was not flexible, so he scratched it on the sole of his foot. He didn’t expect him to retract his foot immediately.Even the doctor didn’t expect that a newborn baby would react so brightly.Zhang Hongyu said with a smile, giving birth to an 8-pound big fat boy, it is not easy for her with a small model. Both sons were born by myself.I’m not tall, but I like sports when I was in high school, and I jumped farther than those tall students.In this way, Chen Yi still has some sports genes.  Generally speaking, 3-4 months old is the turn-over period for babies, but Chen Yicai will turn over in two months, and climb too early, and will walk in 11 months. Zhang Hongyu recalls that Chen Yi has been a child since childhoodThe strength is particularly great.On one occasion, Zhang Hongyu took two-year-old Chen Yi out of business to let him play by the stall. Once I looked back, Chen Yi held a bottle in one hand to drink milk, while the other hand hung onOn the iron railing, with your feet off the ground, you can also lift them up.  Take it, I take it completely!You know, many high school students can’t even do a pull-up, and only two-year-old Chen Yi can even hang with one arm.  Chen Yi first learned to ride a bicycle. It was the one with two auxiliary wheels at the back. He rode very well.Later, the auxiliary wheel broke down. I said otherwise, don’t ride it, it’s very dangerous.He was about to ride, and he even removed the auxiliary wheels. Before he went to kindergarten, he was already able to ride two-wheeled bicycles, his feet were not on the ground, but the bicycle was very slippery.Speaking of which, Zhang Hongyu’s tone is full of pride.  5 years old away from home, the skin can be tolerated by bleeding and bleeding. I just want my mother’s gymnastics to be different from other projects. The excavation time is earlier. Many times, the grass-roots coach will enter the kindergarten small class to select the seedlings. Chen Yi was caught by the coach at that time.The coach said that Chen Yi was courageous and bouncing well, so he wanted to take it and practice it.  He likes to play everywhere since he was a child. The fitness equipment in the park has been played all over. The gymnastics also likes him very much, so let him exercise.For a child as old as this, once he arrives at the youth sports school, he must live in Chen Jinglun, and Chen Yi’s family is in Yuhang. The equivalent of a four or five year old child will live independently. At the beginning, Father Chen firmly opposedHe was afraid that the baby son would be too hard. It was his brother’s words that relieved his father. His brother said, Dad, gymnastics is Chen Yi’s hobby. Let him go if he likes it.  In September 2015, Chen Yi, who was still in mid-class, came to Chen Jinglun by himself and could only go home once a week. At this time, he was only a little over 5 years old.  He was the most painful when he first went. He just missed his mother and said that it was better to go to the previous school. He could see his mother every day.Zhang Hongyu said that since his childhood, he followed his own hands and had to grab her hair to fall asleep. This is also very reluctant to leave him. He cries at home every day. After about a month, Chen Yi is a little bit adapted, still a child.It’s good to have fun at school.  During the days when Chen Jinglun was training, Chen Yi worked very hard. His palms were frayed and bleeding was common, but he never shouted hard and never thought of giving up.People around me often ask Zhang Hongyu, why should we let the children suffer these hardships?What should I do if I don’t grow long after practicing gymnastics?She said that the person’s height can’t decide anything. This is Chen Yi’s favorite thing. He insisted on it. Of course, the mother must support her son.  Now, Chen Yi participated in the first competition in his life, and his neck was covered with gold medals.Looking at the smile on his son’s face and the joy from his heart, Zhang Hongyu thought it was enough.  How are 8 abdominal muscles made?  Having said a lot of Chen Yi’s natural supernatural power, I forgot the most important thing-Chen Yi’s eight abdominal muscles?  In fact, Chen Yi’s eight abdominal muscles were exposed more than two months ago.There is a very famous parkour team in Hangzhou called 2S. Every Sunday they will go to Chen Jinglun Sports School for training, and Sunday happens to be a day for the gymnastics team to rest.If you don’t go home, Chen Yi will play with Parkour’s brothers and learn to jump, move over obstacles, and make human flags.  Lion, the person in charge of 2S, sent Chen Yi’s video to the circle of friends and Weibo, which immediately caused a stir in the circle.After the lion exposed Chen Yi’s photo of abdominal muscles, more people worshipped.Some people left a message saying: Friends in the fitness circle, we will show less abdominal muscles in the future, and we will be killed by him. Everyone is asking, how is the eight abdominal muscles made by Chen Yi at such a young age?Zhang Hongyu said that this should be the result of his son’s hard training: when he was a child, like most children, his stomach was full every time he ate, and he had no abdominal muscles.  In the spirit of rooting out, I found Chen Yang, the coach of the Chen Jinglun gymnastics team.According to Coach Chen, from Monday to Friday, the team members learn cultural lessons in the morning, and start training after waking up in the afternoon nap. Generally, they will practice from 2 to 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon, and all day on Saturday.Gymnastics is very helpful to children’s muscles, body shape, flexibility, coordination and other aspects.Gymnastics training is no longer the simple three-in-one big one in the past, it is also scientific, especially for some young people.Running, jumping, strength, and muscles are daily essentials.Moreover, children who have practiced gymnastics will roll over and have stronger self-protection ability. Even if they fall, they will not lie down directly, and the chance of injury is smaller.  At an age like Chen Yi, there are still several in the team, but he is the only one with amazing abdominal muscles.Everyone practices the same, why is Chen Yi having perfect abdominal muscles, is it because of eating?  Zhang Hongyu said that there is nothing special about his son’s diet.Every time her son returned home on weekends, she would make dumplings, eating 13 or 4 dumplings in one meal, and the amount of food was not too large. He didn’t like to eat meat. Instead, he liked crunchy foods such as cucumber and lettuce.  This time completely speechless, had to ask industry experts to answer.From the perspective of a lion, the human body’s muscle shape is born, some people’s muscles will look good, and some people can’t practice eight packs of muscles; Chen Yi is young, but his waist and abdomen are especiallyThe strength of the side waist and the strength of the arm are very strong, and the training is usually quite hard. Many factors have created his current eight abdominal muscles.  My answer, I believe that many people still find it not addictive.There is a saying that success equals 99% of effort and 1% of talent.Chen Yi is such a child. Over time, this young boy with abdominal muscles may be able to grow into a national and even world champion.  The son said that he would like to get a lot of gold medals in the future, help his parents buy a house and a car, and take me for a ride.Zhang Hongyu is a little happier.

4.51 million 5G users can provide pipeline without 5G mobile phone operators?

4.51 million 5G users can provide pipeline without 5G mobile phone operators?
On March 24, China Telecom’s Hong Kong listed company released its 2019 financial report.At this point, the three major operators have announced their preliminary transcripts for 2019.Unsurprisingly, despite the uneven profit performance, the operating income of the three companies all increased and the growth stagnation is contradictory-China Mobile ‘s annual revenue has increased.2%, China Unicom grew by only 0.3%, while China Telecom fell by 0.4%.  All three operating companies admit that the current operating environment is “complex and severe”, and their future-oriented layout clearly points to the new possibility of 5G technology replacement.In essence, its financial reports also highlight the high growth of its emerging businesses, showing an urgent mentality of seeking new growth poles.However, in the fiercely competitive industrial Internet field, can operators with huge volumes and highly dependent on communication service business realize the gorgeous transformation of elephant dancing?  China Mobile has recorded its second-largest profit decline in the past decade. Telecom revenues have both declined in volume. China Mobile is still the undisputed number one among the three major operators.According to the announcement, in 2019, the company’s operating income was 745.9 billion yuan, while China Telecom’s data was 375.7 billion, and China Unicom’s was 264.4 billion.In terms of profit performance, China Mobile is still the leader, with two shareholders attributable profit of 106.6 billion US dollars, while China Telecom and China Unicom figures are 20.5 billion and 11.3 billion, respectively.China Mobile’s net profit is more than three times that of other common sums.  In terms of revenue growth, the three major operators hit the revenue ceiling without exception.Among them, China Mobile’s revenue increased by 1 every year.2%, communications service revenue growth was only 0.5%.China Unicom’s highest service revenue only grows by 0 per year.3%, while China Telecom’s revenue recorded 0.4% drop.In terms of profit growth, in addition to China Unicom’s “benefit from good cost control” and achieved 11.In addition to the 1% increase, the profits of China Mobile and China Telecom have both decreased-the former has dropped by 9.5%, an additional drop of 3.3%.For China Mobile, this is the second-largest annual net profit reduction in a decade, second only to 10 in 2014.2% decrease.For China Telecom, revenue and net profit are simultaneously inserted.  Although China Unicom’s revenue has increased slightly and its profitability has improved, it is precisely in 2019 that its number of mobile billing users has been overtaken by China Telecom.As of December 2019, China Unicom has 3 mobile billing users.18.5 billion households, while China Telecom reached 3.36 billion households.China Unicom has repeatedly stated in the announcement that in the face of speed increase and fee reduction, market saturation, fierce market competition and the gradual decline of the 4G traffic dividend, the company adheres to differentiated and Internet-based operations, strictly controls user development costs, strengthens integrated operations, and strives to avoidSimple price war.Although the control of user development costs has improved profitability in the short term, the small number of mobile users may affect the company’s long-term development potential.  在业绩报告书中,中国移动董事长杨杰表示,公司在财务表现上的压力在于“流量红利快速释放、同业及跨界竞争不断加剧等严峻复杂的经营环境以及‘提速降费’持续推进等The influence of policy factors “.China Unicom said that since 2019, the development of the domestic communications industry has entered a period of pain, the revenue growth is weak, and the industry value is under pressure.China Telecom’s financial report also mentioned “pressure and challenges in the operating environment.”In 2019, the first year of 5G business, the three major operators are not living well.In 2020, when 5G is popular, they will face more pressure and challenges.  The scale of 5G subscribers reaches 10 million, and the expansion of 5G capital will gradually exceed 180 billion. China Mobile will continue to replicate. By the end of February 2020, 5G package customers have reached 15.4 million, maintaining industry leadership.China Telecom and the announcement stated that the company’s 5G package users have reached 10.73 million.China Unicom did not disclose relevant data.However, the 5G package users who are ranked very low in proportion can bring communication service revenue, and the three major operators bring obvious benefits and attention to the digital transformation that 5G can bring.China Mobile said in its financial report that the acceleration of 5G development will provide better carriers and more scenarios for technology-scale applications such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge computing, and blockchain, and promote the digitization of thousands of industries.Transformation and consumption upgrade of digital life.At the same time, the company is also facing disruptive changes in the form of digital services, new challenges of network disruption and business models in the 5G era, and new trends in industry, cross-border and cross-domain competition.  In 2019, the three major operators have begun to exert their efforts in the development of 5G, gradually capital expenditure of 41.2 billion.According to financial reports, China Mobile ‘s 5G-related investments in 2019 were US $ 24 billion, while China Unicom and China Telecom were US $ 7.9 billion and US $ 9.3 billion, respectively.The 5G co-construction and sharing between China Unicom and China Telecom has taken substantial steps in 2019.China Unicom disclosed in its financial report that the two parties have gradually opened up 50,000 shared 5G base stations, and jointly saved about 10 billion yuan in investment costs.  China Unicom also said that in the future, the company will actively take advantage of joint construction and sharing, and fully consider the technological progress, industry chain maturity, and market and business needs. Steady, precise, and dynamic investment in 5G network construction will save investment costs and operating costs.Under the circumstances, achieving 5G network quality is basically equivalent to participating operators.  In 2020, the scale of competition and cooperation among the three major operators in 5G construction will also expand rapidly.According to the financial report, in 2020 China Mobile expects that 5G-related investment plans will reach 100 billion US dollars, build 250,000 5G base stations and achieve 5G scale commercial use in all prefecture-level cities; 5G capital expenditures of China Unicom and China Telecom are expected to reach respectively350 ppm and 453 ppm, the two will strive to complete the plan to jointly build and share 250,000 5G base stations in the third quarter of this year, and will become a mutual effort to achieve 300,000 stations.The capital expenditures of the three major operators on 5G will reach 1803 trillion in 2020, an increase of more than three times a year.The total number of base stations will exceed 600,000.Industry analysts predict that the penetration rate of 5G networks and users will also be greatly increased in 2020, and the tariffs for 5G packages may also be declining more rapidly.However, such huge expenditures also seem to bring breakthrough financial pressure to the operation of the operator enterprises.  There is also a problem.Continuous financial reports show that China Mobile’s 5G package customers reached 15.4 million, and China Telecom’s 5G package users reached 10.73 million.China Unicom has not released relevant data.Only mobile telecommunications coaxial totaled 26.13 million 5G package users.However, ICT data show that in 2019, China’s 5G mobile phone expansion will be 1376.90,000 units.From January to February 2020, the number of 5G mobile phones implanted in China is 784.50,000 units.The total is 2161.40,000 units.In other words, there are 451 mobile and Unicom 5G package users.60,000 users do not have 5G mobile phones, which has not yet added Unicom’s data.It is speculated that this part of the users may be attracted by 5G package discounts, or the “water” caused by the wide statistical caliber of 5G users by operators. The competition for 5G users by operators will only be fiercely launched for a long time in the future.  Emerging business becomes the highlight of the financial report. Whether the elephant can dance still needs market inspection. In the face of the revenue ceiling, China Mobile described the company ‘s new business development in the financial report: adapting to changes, transforming and upgrading from communication services to broader information servicesStart the implementation of the “four-wheel” market in all directions including individuals, families, government and enterprises, and emerging (referred to as C, H, B, N, respectively), with a strategic transformation of coordinated development to optimize the income structure and enhance new development momentum.As of the end of 2019, the number of government and enterprise customers reached 10.28 million, an annual increase of 43.2%.Focusing on key industries such as industry, agriculture, education, government affairs, medical treatment, transportation, and finance, and vigorously promoting DICT industry solutions that are deeply integrated with the scene, DICT income continues to grow48.3%, reaching RMB 26.1 billion.”Migu Video” monthly active users grew by 46 in ten years.4%, monthly active users of the “He Bao” core function increase by 58 every year.9%.  Fu Liang, an independent telecommunications industry analyst, told Sauna and Yeewang that China Mobile has always maintained a consensus advantage in the personal market competition. However, in the context of the 4G traffic dividend dissipation and the “speed increase and fee reduction” policy continuing to advance, the company’sRevenue and profit performance are relatively affected, so there is a stronger incentive to expand in multiple markets.In the context of the upcoming large-scale rollout of 5G, the growth potential of emerging businesses such as government and enterprises is increasingly optimistic about the industry, and will become the focus of competition for operating companies.  China Unicom and China Telecom also used too much space in their financial reports to report on the development of their business beyond communications services.China Unicom ‘s multi-industry Internet revenues have experienced relatively high growth: In 2019, cloud computing revenues reached RMB 23.6ppm, an annual increase of 147%; in terms of big data, revenue in 2019 will reach RMB 12.300 million US dollars, an annual growth of 103%; in the Internet of Things, the number of platform connections is close to 1.900 million, and revenue will reach RMB 30 in 2019.4 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 46%; IT services, revenue in 2019 reached 10 billion US dollars, an increase of 78% over the same period.  China Telecom said that the company is continuing to build and leverage the unique advantages of cloud-network integration, expand the combination of basic network access and cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, and deeply tap customer needs and market potential in the benchmarking field.The company’s “Tianyi Cloud” ranks seventh in the world in the public cloud IaaS market share, ranking first in the global operators, ranking first in China’s hybrid cloud market, and ranking first in the domestic comprehensive IDC business.Cloud business revenue reached RMB 710,000, and revenue grew by 57 per year.9%, has risen as the first growth driver in the field of DICT; the number of IoT connections has reached 1.57 billion, with annual revenue growth of 21.7%.DICT business is gradually growing into the company’s new growth pole.  Faced with the 5G fashion trend, I realized that operators are no longer willing to be “pipelined” as in the 4G era and become a pure infrastructure provider, but try to play a more ecological and nurturing and industry consolidation on more front-end technologies and servicesability.However, judging from the current revenue figures, the volume of these emerging businesses has not yet broken through the real ability to break through the revenue ceiling.To directly compete with domestic and foreign mainstream Internet companies in the field of industrial Internet, the technology and market capabilities of operators are further tested by the market.  Sauna, Ye Wang promised editor Xu Chao Sun Yong proofreading Li Shihui

2016ATP year-end finals Djokovic vs. Tim match live video recording_1

2016 ATP year-end finals Djokovic vs. Tim match live video recording
Beijing time, November 14th news, 2016 ATP year-end finals opener started, Djokovic 6-7 (10) / 6-0 / 6-2 reversed Tim for the first time in the finals, made a good start,After the game, Xiao De evaluated his performance and commented on Tim’s performance in his first show.Druid points out the reversal key self-assessment, plays well, praises Tim well, Druid said after the game that he lost the first set but still feels good, I feel good, although I lost the first set, but I did not commitToo many mistakes, just because his performance in the first set was very good, the process of the tie-break was very exciting. He was 6-3 once, and then made two double errors. I probably got only one inventory, and he played a lot of goodThe ball finally won the long first set.  After that, I admitted that I had to break in the second set to play a good position. I also managed to do it. After that, I felt more handy and played more freely on the court. He began to make mistakes, which led me to give himThe second shot also put a lot of pressure, I think I played particularly well in the second set.Xiaode articles.  The Serbian people then added that the opening of the second set was the key to their reversal: after the first set of the second set, although I achieved a break, although it was only one lead, but considering that we did not achieve a break in the first set, soThis still doubled my confidence and made me more relaxed on the court.  In the opening game, Druid accidentally scratched his thumb when receiving a serve. He also applied for a medical doctor during the break. After the game, he said that there was no big obstacle: nothing, I was rubbing my thumb with the ground when I was saving.After a bit of bleeding, I let the medical practitioner enter the field just to stop the bleeding.Video-Djokovic broke out in the finals and reversed Tim to win the starter. This is Tim’s first game in the finals. Druid commented: I think Dominic’s finals debut is very impressive.He was not overwhelmed by such a big stage, he was full of offensive firepower, played very well, with strong self-confidence.I still remember my first trip to the finals. It was in Shanghai in 2007. At that time, the idea was that there was really nothing to lose, because you have done your best to get qualified.It is to enjoy this moment and try our best to win.

Ding Junhui Selby has been eliminated Higgins into the 2016 Snooker Championship only to win the championship _1

Ding Junhui Selby has been eliminated Higgins has become the only snooker championship in 2016
On November 3, the second round of the 2016 World Snooker Evergrande Chinese Championship (attachment: 2016 World Snooker China Championship complete schedule schedule + 2016 Snooker China Championship match match list/signature),Higgins defeated Carter 6-2 and successfully entered the semi-finals. After Selby, Ding Junhui, Trump, Liang Wenbo and other famous players have been eliminated, Higgins has become one of the biggest favorites in this tournament.After Higgins, Higgins said that the victory of this game was not easy: the beginning of today’s game, the two sides have been deadlocked, playing very difficult, at first did not adapt to the conditions of the game.It was only after the halftime that I felt smoother, and I am very satisfied with winning this game today.  Why has changed so much after the halftime break? Higgins revealed: During the halftime break, my opponent and I were in a decision. Both sides agreed to change a new set of balls. After the change of the ball, I really felt very smooth.(Text/Zeng Xiao) Watching the game live”》 2016 World Snooker China Championship match video live room 2016 Snooker China Championship live broadcast

Believe in the Future Yi Yan announced the second line-up of performances, the National Table Tennis Team ranked among them

“Believe in the Future” Yi Yan announced the second line-up of performances, the National Table Tennis Team ranked among them
On May 3, shortly after the official announcement of the first line-up of May 4th, the “Believe in the Future” online charity re-released the second line-up of the second charity show that will be held on May 5.Among them, new generation artists such as Cai Xukun, Mao Banyi, Zhang Yixing, and Zhou Shen will be on the stage with many powerful and creative artists such as Li Yuchun, Mo Wenwei, Pu Shu, Wang Feng, and Zhou Bichang.Similar to the list of artists in the first round, the second round of the lineup is still composed of 32 groups of artists.值得关注的是,中国兵乓球队则作为唯一一支非音乐团体出现在名单当中,第二场 “相信未来”在线义演则将于5月5日19:30,继续在发起视频平台优酷As well as Tencent video and central video broadcast, as one of the joint broadcast platforms, the “Sauna Night Network APP” will also broadcast the live performance online.The second line-up: (sorted by the initials of the name, the specific performance order is subject to broadcast) A Yunga, Gem Gem, Cai Guoqing, Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Chengcheng, Hao Yun, HAYA Orchestra, Huang Zheng, Huo Zun, Li Yuchun, Li Yundi, Lin Yanjun, Zero Band, Mao Banyi, Mo Wenwei, Mo Xizi, Ouyang Nana, Pin Guan, Pu Shu, R1SE, Mizuki Nianhua, Su Xing, Wang Feng, Xiaojuan & Residents in the Valley, You Changjing, Zhang Shaohan, Zhang Yixing, Zheng Jun, China Table Tennis Team, Zhou Bichang, Zhou Shen, Zhou Yunpeng.Moderators: Bai Yansong, Hua Shao, Wang Han Sauna, Yewang Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Ming

Ding Junhui shelled the World Taiwan Federation after the game-it has been reported that there are still problems

Ding Junhui bombarded the World Taiwan Federation after the game: it has been reported that there are still problems
China News Service, Beijing, March 28 (Reporter Wang Xi) The 2017 Snooker China Open started its first round of competition in Beijing on the 28th.The two-time champion Ding Junhui swept the English player Paul Davidson 5-0, and advanced easily to the second round. His opponent in the next round will be another Chinese player, teenager Zhou Yuelong.  After defeating Sean O’Sullivan at 5:3 on the 27th, Ding Junhui was able to score in the main game.Facing Paul Davidson in this campaign, Ding Junhui won quite easily. He won the game with a single shot of 51 points.Subsequently, Paul Davidson failed to seize the opportunity when there was a scoring opportunity, and Ding Junhui led by 3:0 in the next two innings.  In the fourth game, Ding Junhui scored 138 points in a single shot, which was also the second highest single shot score of this tournament.In the fifth inning, Ding Junhui did not give his opponent any chance to make a comeback, so he eliminated Paul Davidson 5:0 and advanced to the top 32.  After the game, Ding Junhui talked to reporters more about the storm on the 27th: Before the game with Sean O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui was once denied entry, which was related to the conflict between his personal sponsor and the title sponsor of the competition.As a result, Ding Junhui lost a game 0:1 when he didn’t show up. Fortunately, Ding Junhui staged a reversal and was promoted 5:3.  In this regard, Ding Junhui told reporters that he received a notice from the World Taiwan Union, saying that his personal sponsor Evergrande Financial Services and the sponsor of the Bank of China’s breast logo are in conflict, and that he must remove the breast logo of Evergrande Financial Services.Ding Junhui responded that he could understand and cooperate with him, because there were cases before and they were all resolved peacefully.  However, Ding Junhui emphasized that he had filed with the World Taiwan Federation for updating the main sponsor of the new season in accordance with the regulations, so he was extremely angry at the World Taiwan Federation’s approach.  In other games, World Championship champion Selby swept Alfie Burton 5:0, advanced to the top 32, and the four-time World Championship champion. The wizard Higgins eliminated Ian Burns 5:1.The three Chinese players Liang Wenbo, Fan Zhengyi and Xiao Guodong were all eliminated.

2015 AFC Champions League Group F-R & F 0-5 defeated Buriram again to create a record of shame

2015 AFC Champions League Group F-R & F 0-5 defeated Buriram again to create a record of shame
At 18:15 on May 6, Beijing time, the final round of the 2015 AFC Champions League Group F began a battle. The Guangzhou R&F team that has been out of the game defeated Thailand’s Buri Nanlian 0-5 away, creating a continuous record of shame.In the first half, Diogo scored twice, Tunes broke the net, and Diogo and Massena scored another goal in the second half.  After the first 5 rounds, R&F, which only accumulated 4 points, has already withdrawn from the competition for qualifying ahead of schedule.From the perspective of getting out early, R&F and Buri Nanlian are already training opportunities.But this battle still has a great significance for R&F: the 0-5 home defeat in the last round by Gamba Osaka not only cast a huge shadow on R&F, but also seemed to be the gloomy summary of the first AFC tour;The team’s positive performance in the final battle is expected to directly improve the overall impression of the AFC Champions League tour.In the second round of the group stage, R&F lost to Buri South United 1-2 at home, which was also the turning point of the AFC Champions League tour.Goalkeeper Zhang Shichang attacked    Guangzhou R&F captain Zhang Yaokun was sent off in the game and suspended this round.Teammates Jiang Zhipeng and Chang Feiya were unable to play due to accumulated yellow cards, and R&F took turns to play off the bench.In the 6th minute, Lu Lin made a shot from the inside of his right foot on the left corner of the penalty area, hitting a strong arc and hanging towards the back corner of the goal. The ball hit the angle between the far end post and the beam and bounced back into the field.After 1 minute, Zhang Yuan actively scrambled to grab a chance and hit the goal post to get out of the baseline.In the 10th minute, Lu Lin and Zhu Jin shoved each other during the fight, and the referee shouted a verbal warning over him.  Buriram United scored the first time it shot-in the 14th minute Massena left the ball from the left to get rid of the defense, a 45-degree diagonal pass to the restricted area, Diogo flexibly moved away from Jin Yangyang and Yuyang back to the penalty kickNear the point, direct volley push into the net, 0-1, Diogo also celebrated with a cradle dance after the goal.  In the 16th minute, Zhang Shuo shot into the penalty area and was shot by the opponent’s goalkeeper.In the 27th minute, Lu Lin missed the ball outside the penalty area and missed the far post.In the 35th minute, Buri South United’s right corner took the chance to create a scuffle. Gao Seji made a long-range shot outside the penalty area and Zhang Shichang saved the bottom line.The home team took advantage of this corner kick opportunity to expand the score-Nu Nuen opened the right corner, Tunes jumped high and pressed Jin Yangyang header to the net, 0-2.R&F crashed and lost the ball-in the 40th minute, Buri South United attacked the left side of the attack and passed the ball to the penalty area. Yu Yang, who was in the middle of the clearance, did not touch it. Diogo scored and scored before the Jinyang Yang blocked. 0-3.  After changing sides in the second half, R&F made adjustments, and Michelle came on for Park Zhongyou.In the 47th minute, Diogo turned and fired outside the penalty area, and Zhang Shichang steadily saved the ball.In the 50th minute, Buri South United crossed the right from the frontcourt, and Alonshawa volleyed and flew.After 1 minute, Buri Nanlian recreated the killing opportunity. Diogo stopped the ball before Jin Yangyang waiting for the ball.Kick out.  In the 56th minute, Diogo staged a hat trick-Diogo took the ball outside the penalty area and burst into the penalty area. After a fake shake off Jin Yangyang’s defense, his left foot volleyed. Although Zhang Shichang touched the ball, the ball still flew into the net, 0-4!R & F completely collapsed. In the 60th minute, Buri South United passed a long pass in the backcourt. Massena took the ball and singled Jin Yangyang, went to the outside and took a right foot kick from the right side of the penalty area. The ball hit Jin Yangyang’s outstretched legRefraction into the network, 0-5!  In the 75th minute, Zhang Shuo raised his foot too high during the fight and was warned by a yellow card. Then Buriram made a threat from the free kick on the right side, and Tunes headed the ball to hit the goal.In the 88th minute, Massena burst into the penalty area and shook past the defender. His left foot shot flawed, almost widening the score.In the end, Guangzhou R&F defeated Buri Nanlian 0-5 away. In the first AFC Tour, the group stage won 1 game, 1 draw and 4 losses, scoring 3 goals and losing 13 goals.Goal information-   In the 14th minute, Diogo took Massena’s cross to throw away Jin Yangyang and Yu Yang to break the goal.  In the 36th minute Tunes cornered Jin Yangyang’s header with a corner kick to break the net.  In the 40th minute, Diogo rushed into the net and scored twice before Jin Yangyang blocked it.  In the 56th minute Diogo shook Jin Yangyang and volleyed.  In the 60th minute, Massena made a forcible shot.黄牌信息——  广州富力:金洋洋(41’)张烁(75’)双方首发及换人——  武里南联:(4-4-2)1-西瓦拉-特松嫩;2-汶马探、5-安德烈斯-图涅斯、14-滕格朗、16-南威社;7-高瑟基、8-努暖(65’10-凯夫普罗姆)、17-朱金、21-迪普龙;22-马塞纳、40-迪奥戈(43’19-罗姆萨瓦)  广州富力:(4-5-1)12-张世昌;14-李健华、4-金洋洋、3-于洋、44-张晨龙;23-卢琳(60’13-叶楚贵)、8-朴钟佑(46’10-米歇尔)、16-冯卓毅、18-张远(65’30-付云龙), 35- Min Junlin; 29- Zhang Shuo (Tai Xiaopeng)

Chinese 16-year-old picks up the son of James, the next Yao Ming?

Chinese 16-year-old picks up the son of James, the next Yao Ming?
Yu Jiahao layup.Beijing News: The US high school fall preseason started today. Sierra Canyon Middle School defeated its opponent 84 to 73. The 16-year-old Chinese teenager Yu Jiahao debuted and contributed 16 points.Brownie (son of James) scored 15 points. It is worth mentioning that Lao Zhan watched the game live.”I’m going to be exhausted. I can’t move in the back. I’m going to the outside line.”After the game, Yu Jiahao said while interacting with friends on social media.The future stars of Sierra Canyon Middle School are gathered, and the team is fiercely competitive. Yu Jiahao’s teammates include James son Brownie and Wade son Zaire, Kenyon Martin’s son, and Pippen’s son are also on the team.However, because the team’s original center has graduated, Yu Jiahao managed to get a stable playing time in this position.Yu Jiahao took a group photo with CBA champion Wang Shaojie.Figure / social media On social media, Yu Jiahao’s performance caused a heated discussion among fans.Some fans analyzed that Yu Jiahao’s defensive awareness was okay, but the offensive methods were too simple and lacked explosive power. “But at only 16 years old, the road is still long. The most important thing now is to stay healthy.”Like the fans calmly stated, don’t worry about saying that he is the next Yao Ming,” don’t kill him, just let him be himself.Yao Ming is a mountain, not everyone can climb.”Yu Jiahao is currently 2.At 18 meters, he was born in a basketball family. His parents were Yu Leping and Wang Fuying, former main centers of Zhejiang men’s and women’s basketball teams.Last month’s second youth club men’s basketball U16 club group match, Yu Jiahao, who played for the Zhejiang team, led the team to a 6-game winning streak and advanced to the final.Editor Wang Chunqiu